Sunday, September 27, 2009

We love our underwear!!

I really do dress my girls every morning but at some point in the day they end up in just their underwear. It could be the cause of going to the bathroom and never putting pants back on, changing in and out of dress up clothes, or just because they feel like it. It is there favorite way to be and I can't seem to change that. Looking back over the last several days every picture I took the girls were in their underwear. Funny, funny girls!!

Silly little Cale!

Hey guys let me in the tub too!! She crawled from the kitchen to the bathroom when she heard them in the tub. She tried lifting her leg and climbing up the edge of the tub.

Zoe even took her PJ's off during the night and woke up just in her underwear!! Good morning girls!!

Daddy won't let me do it!! (this is after she used all the tools and colored a big mark on the wall which daddy wasn't too happy with.)

I love it when the play well together. Zoe is a great big sister!!


DaniBB said...

my kids are the same way. They love to be naked. I dress them in the morning and by the time Lance comes home from work they aren't dresed any more.

Jennis said...

They are so big!!! Lucas has been my multi-clothes changing hudini. What is with them always wanting to be in their underwear? it looks like you guys are a happy growing family. sure miss you guys. I would love to see the trouble our kids could whip up together. haha. :)