Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spokane Youth Soccer........

Zoe had her 1st soccer game on Sat. It was a beautiful day right up until it was time for her game and it started to rain but we still had a great time. Micah and I hung out under the umbrella and she didn't mind the wind in her face at all.

Cale was sad at 1st because she wanted to play as well but she had fun watching and showing us her muscles.

Zoe was so excited to get her new soccer shirt and has wanted to wear it non stop since then.

Zoe likes to stand back and figure things out 1st before she joins in. It took her the 1st half of the game to get warmed up and then she did awesome. She was out running everyone and scored 2 goals!! She wanted to stay longer and watch other games so she could learn how to play. She can't wait for her next game!!

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