Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hottest weekend & yard work!! Are we CRAZY?

Brad had Friday off so we planned to use the 2 days to work hard and get the front yard ready for top soil and then sprinklers. Thursday night as I watched the news they were forecasting in the 90's and I began to think we were crazy but we got it done and had some fun as well.

Friday Brad started at 5:30 trying to get as much done as possible before the heat hit. The girls and I joined him later that morning. I missed the 1st picture with the really big pile of dirt but you get the idea. The girls had fun playing, "queen of the mountain."

This is where we ended Friday afternoon when we couldn't take the heat anymore. So Brad and the girls washed the truck to cool down. Afterwards we enjoyed the A/C and naps to finish cooling down.

By Saturday mid-morning we had finished the wall, leveled the dirt, and with the heat coming on strong we were done our work for the weekend. As we sat looking at our working wondering what do to for the rest of the day our neighbor came over and invited us to the lake. We ran inside quickly changed, packed our bags, and headed for the lake for some relaxation and so much needed cooling off!! (sorry no pictures of the lake! can you believe it? A whole day and not one picture!! What is wrong with me?)
Zoe worked so hard and wanted to be right in the action. I had to make her sit in the shade and cool off because her cheeks were so red!!

I had the girls chair in the shade and allowed them as many otter pops as they wanted!! They were such good sports and filthy dirty by the end. The bottom of the tub was black after the water was drained.

Micah was our sweet girl. She had been horrible all week about napping but for 2 days she took the best naps and it allowed me to work outside and help Brad. When she wasn't napping she hung-out in the shade watching all the action. She loves to be upright and watching. I think she loved the quite in the house! :) I can't believe she is 5 months already!!

The neighbor boy came over to join in the fun.
Zoe loved getting spray each time Brad rinsed the truck off. Cale didn't enjoy it so much. It scared her so bad she got a bad case of road rash on her knees trying to run away.
Brad enjoyed standing in the spray as well and in the end..............
handed over the spray gun to Zoe for a nice soaking!! (it almost knocked her on her bum when she pulled the trigger.)
This is just a classic Cale and I couldn't help but include it.

I thought it was fun seeing the reflection in the truck. I wanted it when she was actually washing the truck but that wasn't happening. I had to ask a lot to get this one.

Zoe and Brad had fun taking rides in the boat. Brad tried wake-boarding and got up. Cale played by the water all day even though she shivered most of the time she was in the water. She had so much sand in her diaper I had to strip her down and wash her off in the lake. Micah loved being outside and watching everything. Zoe asked all day about seeing the fireworks. So even though they had fallen asleep as we drove away from the lake when we made it to Spokane we parked, woke her up and enjoyed the fireworks with her. I am not sure she completely remembers them but I didn't want her to wake up the next morning and have to tell her she missed them. Sunday morning no one was out of bed until 8:30 which is unusual at our house. Everyone was just so exhausted.
Overall a great weekend for work and fun!!

take what you can get............

So a couple of friends and I headed to an abandon feed store with our kids for some potentially awesome pictures. I learned several things......

1st I need to be way more relaxed about what pictures I can get of my kids.
2nd life will be a little easier when Micah can sit up by herself and a little less dependant on me.
3rd My girls are people watchers and way to distracted by everyone else to look at me no matter how much I bribe, yell, make silly noises, or stand on my head!
4th I can't wait to go back and take more pictures!! Anyone want to go?

I did have a great time and have loved seeing the pictures they were able to get. Plus on the bonus side I did get a few shots that will be fun to play with.

Hey Zoe................Over here Zoe..........

Just one good smile and you can be done! Yeah a Smile :)

On the bonus side this cute little picture!!

I love Cale's facial expressions.

Cale look up..........OK mom......

Alright mom enough with the pictures, I'm done!!

Zoe brought her camera along and really wanted to take pictures. So at the end Micah and I had to pose all over the place for several pictures. She had so much fun. At the moment I can't find her camera so I will add her pictures later.