Friday, August 21, 2009

You Mean The Green Kind?

Today the girls and I were out buying some items we found on craigslist, my favorite way to shop! :) I need to get some cash so I stopped at Fred Meyers. This is Zoe's converstaions while we were driving to the store:

Zoe: "Mom why are we stopping at the store."

Me: "I need to get some money."

Zoe: "Do you mean the green kind."

Me: "Yes, Zoe. I mean the green kind."

Zoe: "I need to buy me some of that green kind too. I only have 1 left and daddy says I need to keep it because it is special. (it is a $2 dollar bill) So I am totally out."

Funny, funny girl!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun in the Tub!

Awhile ago Micah switched to the big girl tub with the girls. She gets so excited for her tub so almost jumps off your lap as you get the water ready. Tonight she had the tub all to herself and she play and played. She tried out her tummy and blew bubbles until she sucked some in. I had fun taking these cute pictures of her. I was telling Brad about how much fun she had playing then showed him the pictures and he said, "who had more fun? Micah or you?" It is probably a toss up. I love getting cute pic!!

Swimming Lesson for Everyone!

Today was the 1st day of swimming lessons for the girls. We are definately going to have to eat simple dinners this next two weeks to get out the door on time.

Zoe jumped right in and is the only girl in her class. She did everything she was asked including put her face in the water which is not her favorite thing.

She didn't want to go down the slide at the end because she was so cold. She spent the rest of the evening in her towel trying to get warmed up.
Cale waited so patiently for Zoe to do her lesson but was so excited for her turn. Once she hit the water there was no stopping her. She was bouncing all over, under the water, and jumping off the walls. She LOVES the water and is a little wild and crazy!! We had to pull her out of the pool screaming and crying when it was over.
Brad gets to swim with Cale every night! :)

Fairies among Us..........

This is how I found my cute little girls this morning playing outside!!

More Yard Work!!

Saturday was spent in the back yard working. Although a lot got done we still have a long ways to go. Someday we will have grass!!

The girls were right out there with us working hard. They carried the wood pieces together up the hill and stacked them. It was great listening to them and watching them work together.

They begged for rides on the tractor and got a few. They would have preferred to ride the whole time but it was a bit to bumpy!!

Every time I went to take a picture Zoe would make another funny face. She is such a silly girl!!

By the end they were bathing in the dirt. Can you believe I let them do this!! It was so much fun listening to them laugh. :)

They had a hard time figuring out why I wouldn't let them in the house to eat! :)

They were stripped down on the porch, carried through the house, and placed in the tub. They left a lot of dirt in the tub!

To Camp or Not To Camp?

We were determined to make it camping this year. So Brad picked some dates and made reservations at the camp grounds so we would have it on the calendar and go. We were to go camping at Farragut State Park this last weekend but as the time got closer the weather got worse. Friday morning as we were packing we checked the weather a ton and decided if we should or not. In the end we decided to head up for the day, come home for the night and work on the yard the next day. So we headed up for a picnic and some bike riding. We had such a great time and the weather was great. We wondered if we made the right decision...........
We found a great big willow tree that was great for climbing. Zoe work really hard to do it all by herself and made it to the end of the branch. Then she slipped over the edge and hung there yelling for us to look how far she made it.

Cale & Micah rode in the bike trailer and Zoe rode her bike. Micah fell asleep fast and took a nice little nap. Cale kept her cozy and warm with the blanket.

Having training wheels is hard but Zoe pushed through it. She didn't even complain about getting off so much to push her bike through the mud.

After all of our fun in the late afternoon the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up and it started to rain. We were so happy with our decision! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


It has been so long since I have posted anything and I am finally getting caught up. We have been running like crazy enjoying the summer for the last month and a half. I should post a picture of the out of control laundry pile I had going on! :) We have only been home long enough to unload and pack up for the next trip. In fact we will be headed out tomorrow and gone for another 3 days. In the short times we have been at home Brad has been working out of town, we have hauled dirt for the yard, my brother Grant and his family stayed with us for several days, my sister was in town and we played with her family, and my mom and dad came over for the temple. Life has been CRAZY!! We have had tons of fun as a family and since this is my jounal you get to hear all about it. So you might want to get a snack and a drink before you start but enjoy and when you get tired of looking stop but thanks for taking the time to look. Hope you enjoy!

I'm A Big GIrl!!

Over night Cale has decided that she was going to wear underpants and go on the potty. I would like to say I helped her along but it was all her. She wants to do it all by herself. She doesn't want help getting up, pulling up her pants, etc. When you try and help she says, "no me do it." She was outside on the porch with Zoe and I see her run through the kitchen and hear, "I got to go potty, hurry hurry." By the time I got there she was done and ready to play again. I AM SO EXCITED!! (Although the downfall to it is having to use public restrooms every where you go. I don't even use those myself! The things you do for your kids.)

All Things Micah!!

Micah just had her 6 month appointment and I am in shock. She has grown and changed to much in the last 1 1/2 months. She bigger now of course and now weighs 15 lbs and is 26 1/2" long. She also had an ear infection. I knew she had a cold and even with being up with her all night I never thought of that!!

Since she has started to roll over she has become a tummy sleeper. The minute you lay her down she rolls over. Most often you find her with her little bum sticking in the air!! It is so cute.

She has started to sit up without any support and loves it. She prefers to be sitting when you put her down.
Right after she started sitting by herself she was getting up on her hands and knees. Now she rocks back and forth getting ready to take off. Every once in awhile she gets to rocking and launches herself forward especially if she see something she wants. She is moving all over the place and getting what she wants. She thinks she is a pretty big girl.

She has been standing in our hands for several months now but I finally got a good picture. She is all smiles doing it and gets so excited. She also sticks out her tongue when she gets excited and this shows it perfectly.
She has started eating more foods as well. She loves cheerios, bread, and crackers. Anything that she can pick up herself. She drinks water from a sippy and my cup as well. She finally started eating the rice cereal with mixed fruit and likes that. Bananas she isn't so sure about but is doing good with sweet potatoes. She is super messy when she finishes and doesn't like to get her face washed one bit!!

I took her 6th month pictures but I am still editing those and will get them posted soon. She is so easy to take pictures of because Smiles still continue to roll right out of her. She loves her mommy alot and doesn't like to be left by herself at all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rafting Of Course.........

1st let me say that I am heartbroken at the fact that I have no pictures of this!! We are without a little point & shoot camera as ours didn't survive the sand bath it took at priest lake. I don't feel quite right about taking my big camera on the river. The 1st trip we took I forgot to ask my mom to bring hers and the 2nd every one's battery was dead. I can still see all the cute adorable pictures of my girls on the river in my head and it is killing me. Trust me when I say it will never happen again!!

That aside.......We have headed to Montana a couple of weekends to enjoy some rafting. Brad, Zoe, my dad, and I left earlier and enjoyed the Alberton Gorge. It was Zoe's 1st time. She was a little nervous but loved it. At the end she was ready to go again and was quite sad to learn she would have to wait a couple of weeks before she could enjoy it again. My mom kept Cale & Micah for us and then met us at Tarkio to float the lower flat section with them. Cale and Zoe had fun hanging from the bars of the raft dragging in the river. Brad and I had fun pushing each other in until Micah had enough and needed her mommy. I love swimming in the river!!

The 2nd weekend was a much colder weekend. My oldest brothers kids joined us as well as my youngest brother. Strann couldn't get enough of rowing the boat. Morgan tried to surf "fang" in the kayak and took a swim loosing his hat like Zoe said he would. Zoe didn't enjoy it has much because she was cold but I could do it anytime!!

Seemann Family Reunion 2009

The middle of July we went to my family reunion at my sisters house. The girls had fun playing with there cousins & I enjoyed watching them play.

Zoe made "dancing ladies" for the 1st time from Hollyhocks. She could sit for hours doing this. I guess we will need to plant some. I enjoyed this as a little girl as well.

We tie-dyed the t-shirts for a family picture. Zoe did this at a birthday party this year and loved it. She had so much fun make another one.

I worked so hard at keeping the girls clean but we dyed on the lawn and by the end this is what Zoe looked like.

Zoe picked raspberries every night. She is the best and only puts them in the bucket!

We rented the town carousel for a couple of hours. The kids rode non-stop!! Even Micah joined in the fun.

They have a fossil dig we did for a while. It was a little to hot for all the kids but we did find some cool fossils.

Of course it wouldn't be a true Seemann Family activity without water involvement so we floated the river. The girls and I put our kayak to good use.
It rocked Cale right to sleep!!
And only my family would find pipe along the way, dig it out, empty it out, and float it the rest of the way down the river to fix my sister water pump for her garden.
Never in my lifetime would I have ever thought I would see my dad floating the river with a dog!! This truly is a once in a lifetime picture that had to be documented.

We were exhausted by the time we got home but were off and running a couple of days later to Lewiston and Montana for some more rafting.