Monday, August 17, 2009

More Yard Work!!

Saturday was spent in the back yard working. Although a lot got done we still have a long ways to go. Someday we will have grass!!

The girls were right out there with us working hard. They carried the wood pieces together up the hill and stacked them. It was great listening to them and watching them work together.

They begged for rides on the tractor and got a few. They would have preferred to ride the whole time but it was a bit to bumpy!!

Every time I went to take a picture Zoe would make another funny face. She is such a silly girl!!

By the end they were bathing in the dirt. Can you believe I let them do this!! It was so much fun listening to them laugh. :)

They had a hard time figuring out why I wouldn't let them in the house to eat! :)

They were stripped down on the porch, carried through the house, and placed in the tub. They left a lot of dirt in the tub!

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