Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Funny Girl!!

Cale keeps us entertained at all times!! This is how we found her after church on Sunday. She said, "I'm daddy" and then laughed and laughed. You never know what is going to happen next.

Spokane Shock!!

Our neighbor had some extra tickets to a Spokane Shock Arena Football game. Zoe and Daddy took the opportunity for a daddy/daughter date. They had lots of fun and Zoe brought her own camera to take pictures. She loves to do stuff with her daddy.

Spokane, a place for visitors!!

The other day our neighbor said, "you guys have people over all the time!" I would have to say that it is true. Since we have moved to Spokane we have been blessed to have many family and friends over to visit. This last weekend we had the Lathen family up for a visit. We spent the morning at River Front Park. The kids loved riding the carousel.

Friday, May 22, 2009

So much for my new hair cut.......

Today the girls and I called grandma and grandpa in Italy with skype. The girls love to talk to them and show them all of their cool stuff. During the conversation the girls started playing with my hair. They had combs, clips, Barrett's, pony tail holders, etc. You can imagine my hair looked really great. Cale kept saying, "don't take it out." Which is what I tell her constantly when I do her hair. We were just getting off the phone and I was disconnecting and talking to Cale. Zoe had left to get something and when she returned I didn't thing of it until I heard that wonderful sound of scissors. Yes folks, she cut my hair!! A nice 1" chunk gone from the back of my hair. I can't see it and Brad swears that you can't really tell unless you are looking for it but he didn't have a hard time at all picking it out. I cut my own hair as a child and have great pictures to remember the experience. I never thought that as an adult I would have to suffer from the same trauma!!

She grew over night I swear!!

Micah has been sleeping 9-10 hours a night now for 5 weeks!! I know I am spoiled but last night she was up twice!! Once you have had sleep it is hard to go back. I went to get her dressed this morning and her dress she had on a couple of days ago didn't fit. I couldn't believe it. All of the sudden she just seems bigger and a little older to me. Exciting yet sad all at the same time.
Zoe got this adorable smile out of her this morning. She almost has a twinkle in her eye. I love her constant smile. I wish that I could get her to giggle a little more but it is hard to get her over the edge.

She is really liking her bouncy seat these days. She kicks at the fish and gets really excited. When she needs a rest she puts her feet up and sits.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Micah News.....

Micah has finally decided that she likes a binkie a little. She will suck on it a little bit in the evening. For awhile we really thought that she was going to turn into a thumbsucker so I guess we will see what happens. She has decided that she likes the same kind as Cale which has been a little difficult.
Micah is rolling up on her side and likes to sleep that way. She really doesn't like to be on her tummy much at all. She rubs her face into the ground and starts crying right away. It may take her awhile to roll all the way over.

Micah loves to stand and will do it for a long time. She is really so happy but gets really excited to be standing. She looks so little to me to be standing but it is so adorable.

Brand New Women!!

Zoe and I got haircuts this weekend. She went in saying she wanted it short and has been so excited ever since to have it short. After it had been cut she came over and said, "mommy will it still be short when I wake up in the morning." She looks so much more grown up to me and I am a little afraid she lost most of her curls but I love how much she likes it. I went in thinking about it, was actually brave enough to do it, and am really enjoying it. (it looks uneven but it really isn't!)

Cale Goes Fishing!!

We were able to head to Lewiston for another fun weekend. I had a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower so Brad & Jeff took the kids fishing on Dworshak for the day. It was a beautiful hot day and they had so much fun. Amazingly enough no one got burnt.

Brad came home saying that Cale was going to be his fishing partner. She loved every part of it!! She held the fish, hit them on the head, and even puckered her lips up when she was asked to kiss the fish. She even got to pick out a new purple princess pole.

Zoe got brave enough and actually touched/held the fish. She is trying hard to smile about it as well!!

I loved this cute little picture of the girls.

Daddy and his girls. I am so grateful for Brad and how much he loves to do things with his girls. He is such a great daddy. I was so excited to see them when they got home. Brad was headed to take the boat back and Cale instantly got upset and said, "go with daddy." I thought for sure she would want to stay home with me but she jumped right in the truck with Brad and left. She really loves her daddy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day Fun!!

Brad was gone for the weekend rafting on the Lochsa so the girls and I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and played. We had a picnic in the park on Sat and played until they were exhausted. (made for an easy bedtime!) Sometime after they were in bed I got a crazy idea to try and take their pictures in the morning by myself!! The idea went much better in my head but we still had fun. Taking your own kids pictures isn't easy but by myself was worse. Cale decided quickly she didn't want to take her picture!! I really did try and stay calm with her and ended up bribing her with anything I could to get a picture.

If you look closely you can see Cale and Zoe looking was because of the candy I had dangling in my hand above the camera. The power of TREATS!!

I had Micah balanced on my knee holding her with one hand and taking the picture with the other. I thought she still looked cute. If only she was looking at me. She is so much fun these days. She really gets excited when you talk to her. Her whole body gets to moving and she can't hold back the smiles.

Zoe was a big helper all weekend. She did anything I asked her to. She was an amazing big sister and her reward......getting to sleep with mommy. The minute Brad leaves she asks and is so excited to go to bed. We watched our Wedding video Saturday morning. As I looked over at her she was crying. She said it just made her happy and mommy was a beautiful princess. She is my sensitive girl.

The best part of the weekend came from Cale. As frustrating as she is at all times to me and just when I am ready to pull my hair out she slips in her sweet adorable side that melts your heart. I went to church with the girls today by myself. I had to leave twice with Micah and the girls did so well sitting by themselves until I got back. (I was never gone long) Cale was extremely loud today, threw fits over everything, and wouldn't listen to a thing I asked!! As I was sitting there wondering why I had attempted church on my own Cale reached over and took my cheeks in her hands and gave me the best kiss. Then she leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "love you mom." At that point the tears came and I couldn't hold them back. That is the reward of being a mom. They are few and far between but make everything else seem so minimal.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blooms Day 2009

Brad and his friend Mike Walker ran in Blooms day this year. I forgot the camera and didn't get a single picture but if you use the following link you can see the picture they took.

Where's Brad?

I am hoping that I can join the fun next year!! We had lots of fun having the Walker family over for the weekend for a visit. I appologize to them that it was so crazy!! We can't wait to head to Seattle for a visit.

Daddy you need a hair cut.......

......Can I cut it for you?

New Carpet!!

Brad worked hard to get the basement to a point where we could have company come and stay down there. The walls are painted and the carpet was put in last week. The girls have had so much fun running around and rolling around the floors. I pulled out some of the boxes of toys from the garage and it was just like Christmas morning. They couldn't decide what to play with first. The best part it even though it is a little messy down there I don't see it all day long!!

Can you do the Belly Dance?

I am not sure where my brother gained this talent but he has been entertaining with it for awhile now. He shared his talent with Cale and she was so impressed!! Then she ran over to show me how she could make her belly dance. Now everytime she takes off her shirt she makes her belly dance. I think it is so funny to watch her.

Zoe wanted to get in on the action too. Thiese video's have brought alot of laughs at our house. Enjoy!!