Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks Danielle!!

Met up with Danielle and her kids at music class and after talking for awhile invited myself along to join in their family outing to the Polka Dot Pottery later that afternoon. It is a place where you choose a piece of pottery and then you paint on the glaze. My girls had a great time. Zoe was a little sad because she really wanted to paint this purse but instead we choose some flower ornaments. Zoe could spend hours there, it is totally her thing. We can't wait to see how they turned out and hang them on our Christmas tree. Thanks Danielle for letting us tag along!

(Really don't like the pictures my point & shoot camera produced!! For me this type of camera is a necessary evil. It is easy to carry, have in the diaper bag, use with a baby in arms, and get pictures. Beyond that I don't like it at all!!)

We Love Our Daddy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zoe Turned 5!!

We just celebrated Zoe's 5th birthday. It is so hard for me to believe that she is that old already. Her first question was, "how many days until I get to go to school now." She was a little bummed when I said how long she has to wait. She was sure because she was 5 it was time for her to go. Then she stated, "that's not fair" to which I answer, "life's not fair but life's not fair for everyone so that makes life fair."

She only wanted to have a family party and a flower cake. She has been waiting for her birthday since Grandma and Grandpa came home from Italy. (The whole time they were gone she was told they would be back when she had her 5th birthday.) She had fun picking out decorations at the store and didn't exactly stay with the flower theme but she was excited about it all. Especially to make her "poster" to hang up. Cale and her had lots of fun coloring her poster.

I was going to let her help make the cake but I chickened out and made it all the night before. (mainly because I wasn't so sure I was up for Cale's help as well :) ) She was really excited about it when she saw it so that made me happy.

She was super excited about these star candles that she picked out. Her favorite colors are pink, blue, and purple.

She also really wanted to have a crown to wear.

She had to wait all day until daddy made it home from work for her party. She did get to open presents before dinner. I don't think she could have waited any longer.

Cale gave her some new jewelry and she hasn't taken the necklace off since.

Her daddy bought her an easy bake oven!! She loves it and wants to bake everyday!! YEAH! Only we didn't realize you had to have a light bulb so she had to wait several days until we got one to use it.

Cale was so funny as Zoe opened presents. She was jumping up and down so excited for the next present. She could hardly contain her excitement. She also sings the "Happy Birthday" song really well. Zoe was wearing around her new tennis shoes so Cale decided she should wear Zoe's new snow boots. When I asked to take a picture she pulled out all kinds of funny faces.

We celebrated the day before her birthday so Brad could be there. When she woke up on Monday I didn't think about saying happy birthday and she was pretty sad about it. She said, "I thought I would see you and you would yell, "happy birthday"." So on her real birthday I had to do it up pretty good. We took cupcakes to her dance class to celebrate as well. We had a fun couple of days celebrating our Zoe. We love you Zoe!!
She is 46" tall lin the 95% and 42 lbs in the 70%. She is healthy and smart according to the doctor. She was really upset because she had to have the flu shot when she went.

9 months

My baby is 9 months!! I can't believe how fast time is going. She is still our smiley little girl as well as a busy little girl. She is busy pulling herself up on everything and using it to walk all around. She has stood by herself several times for a couple of seconds before she sits back down. You can most often find her sitting on her knees playing. As long as her sisters are in the room she is happy to play. She loves it when they sit on the couch with her and she is the center of attention.

She has decided that she doesn't like the word no. She was hitting and pulling Cale's hair the other day because she didn't want her next to her. I said, "Micah Noel no no you be nice." She welled up in the biggest tears and laid on my should just sobbing. Later that night she was smacking at Brad's face and when he told her no she sobbed and sobbed again. It is so sad.

She gets so excited when you go in to get her in the morning. The same excitement emerges when Zoe and Cale get up in the morning. She just about jumps out of your arms she is so happy to see them. She loves to dance even when Zoe and Cale are the ones bouncing her around. When music starts to play she starts to bounce up and down and shakes her head.

She continues to be the worst at having her diaper changed. I tend to avoid it until the last possible minute. She is instantly trying to roll over and crawl away the minute you lay her down. You spend the whole time holding her down listening to her cry.

We keep trying to get her to wave bye-bye but no luck yet. If you hold your hand up she will give you "5". She loves to read books. She is absolutely in love with her brown blanket. The minute she is tired she snuggles right into it and holds on. She is very stingy with kisses but when you get them they are the best.

She continues to be our little bug. At her 9 month appointment we found out that she is anemic so we are working on feeding her iron rich foods. She was 28 3/4" in the 75% and 16 lbs in the 10%.

Wink Wink

Cale has learned how to wink. Brad loves to watch her wink and took this cute picture.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Day

At the end of our sickness we just needed to get out of the house!! So we took a drive to Lake Cour De' Alene and enjoyed the afternoon playing at the park.
They are so cute!

Micah was so content to sit and watch her sister play.

She has become so attached to her brown blanket. When you pull it out she get so excited and snuggles right down on it.

This is Cale's look when Zoe wasn't playing what she wanted her to.

and this is the one she was giving the little boy who was playing on her boat. She did not want him there. I was talking to her about the park being for everyone and sharing when he suddenly jumped up and ran away. I wish I had caught a picture of her facing lighting up because he left.
It was a beautiful day and we had such a great time. I love fall weather!!


We were still recovering from being sick but Zoe didn't want to miss Halloween. So we dressed everyone up and enjoyed the trunk or treat at the church. The girls had a great time, atleast Zoe and Cale did. They are both pretty shy and need quite a bit of pushing but they got some great treats. Cale would look at the treats offered and say, "I don't want one, I don't like it."

Micah did fine as long as she sat on my lap.

Cale loved to roar. She was so excited to be a lion!

We ran a quick errand afterward before we took them out trick or treating but on the way home everyone fell asleep so we called it a night.


We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year again but we did actaully carve some. Brad picked up a couple on his way home from work and we had a fun family night.

Micah enjoyed eating the pumkins. We couldn't hardly keep her off the table.
Zoe designed her own face and drew it on.

Then daddy helped her carve it out.

Cale wasn't so sure about the whole process. She wouldn't touch the insides or seeds at all. She kept saying, "oh gross" and make a funny face.