Sunday, September 27, 2009

We love our underwear!!

I really do dress my girls every morning but at some point in the day they end up in just their underwear. It could be the cause of going to the bathroom and never putting pants back on, changing in and out of dress up clothes, or just because they feel like it. It is there favorite way to be and I can't seem to change that. Looking back over the last several days every picture I took the girls were in their underwear. Funny, funny girls!!

Silly little Cale!

Hey guys let me in the tub too!! She crawled from the kitchen to the bathroom when she heard them in the tub. She tried lifting her leg and climbing up the edge of the tub.

Zoe even took her PJ's off during the night and woke up just in her underwear!! Good morning girls!!

Daddy won't let me do it!! (this is after she used all the tools and colored a big mark on the wall which daddy wasn't too happy with.)

I love it when the play well together. Zoe is a great big sister!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daddy Tax......

Whenever Brad give the girls a snack or treat he always takes one. If they ask for a fruit snack her opens it and then eats one before he gives to them. He has always called it "daddy tax".

Zoe and Cale decided they wanted apples for snack today. Cale had hers and Zoe asked for one. Cale grabbed one out of the basket, took a big bite, and handed it to Zoe.

Zoe immediately says, "mom Cale took a bite of my apple." She doesn't really like sharing things like that so I was waiting for the crying to start but instead she shrugged her shoulders and says, "Cale Tax". It was so funny!!

Ready for some bumps and bruises?

Micah has decided to progress some more in her movements. She is now starting to walk along the couch and toys. Her favorite place to stand is now attached to my legs. It makes moving just a little hard.

She loves playing around the dishwasher and walking around the edge. Brad was doing dishes so I went to get my camera and by the time I made it back around the corner Brad had sat her down and she didn't like it so much! :( So this is the picture I got. So so sad!!

Today she made her biggest move. I had left the girls downstairs playing while I went to fix dinner. Micah usually does good for a little while while her sisters are with her. I went over to the stairs to yell down to Zoe to get an onion and there was Micah sitting on the 5th stair. I panicked, ran down the stairs and grabbed her. Daddy came home and helped her play on the stairs. Zoe had fun enticing her to crawl up ( I made sure to tell her she couldn't do this on her own). So now we need to figure out a way to block off the stairs as I am sure she will crawl right up.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Camera!! :)

I love having my camera but with 3 little kids it isn't always possible to carry around a big camera to get pictures. Example......last Thursday the girls and I were in Couer d'lane at the park for a picnic. By the time I got Micah in the stroller, the blanket underneath one arm, the cooler in the other, Zoe and Cale holding to the stroller there was no room for a big camera. So I sadly left it behind in the truck. Now all of the cute pictures of that day are in my head. So on Sat I ordered us a new point & shoot camera. I can't wait for it to get here!! Plus I can add some little videos to the blog. Micah has started making this little grunting noise. She sounds like a little gremlin. It is cute. Can't wait to catch it on video.

Spokane Youth Soccer........

Zoe had her 1st soccer game on Sat. It was a beautiful day right up until it was time for her game and it started to rain but we still had a great time. Micah and I hung out under the umbrella and she didn't mind the wind in her face at all.

Cale was sad at 1st because she wanted to play as well but she had fun watching and showing us her muscles.

Zoe was so excited to get her new soccer shirt and has wanted to wear it non stop since then.

Zoe likes to stand back and figure things out 1st before she joins in. It took her the 1st half of the game to get warmed up and then she did awesome. She was out running everyone and scored 2 goals!! She wanted to stay longer and watch other games so she could learn how to play. She can't wait for her next game!!

A Swing For My Girls.........

When Cale was a baby we were given this little airplane swing. It used to hang from our Apricot tree in the back yard in Lewiston. She loved to sit in it while we were outside. Zoe loved to twist up tight and unwind. While my dad was in town he hung the swing under the back porch. My girls are in LOVE!! Micah absolutely loves to be out there swinging and is all smiles as the girls push her. At 1st I told the girls that they were to big but the eventually found there way into the swing. Cale sitting and Zoe pushing. Then Cale sitting and Zoe holding on and swinging with her. Finally Cale was sitting and Zoe was standing behind her. For 3 hours they found entertainment in the swing!! We love it!! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Marathon Posting Session!

Yeah!! I am finally caught up again. It is another long one so I hope you enjoy. You will probably have to go to older posts to get all of it. Hopefully I will be able to stay caught up this time.


You don't think they are related at all do you? This is how my girls usually look anytime they are outside. Zoe is usually just as dirty but I wasn't ready for Micah to join in quite yet.

An Actual Family Picture! :)

After 3 years we made an attempt at taking a family picture. With the camera set on a stack of 5 gallon buckets and one of us running back and forth pushing the timer button I was happy with what we got. I think next time we need to enlist help!! Hopefully it won't take is another 3 years to get a picture.

Micah wasn't so sure about sitting in the grass. Love her worried look. Cale lost interest really fast and so there are no individual pictures of her. The girls were getting cold but Zoe stuck in there with us. Although her smile is a little forced. A storm was moving in so it was getting a little chilly but the lighting was awesome!

Cale Anne

If I could only capture all of Cale. I try to take enough pictures, write it all down, and take what video I can get but even then I don't think that I can get it all. I pray my memory will keep it all but she is just so well, Cale. She is the best and worst all wrapped up in this fun little package. Never have I been more up and down with someone but it is just who she is and I love her so much. Her facial expressions are just so great. So full of animation when she talks I am just love to watch her. Sometimes I am watching her little face so much I realize I have no idea what she was saying.

We actually made it to a garage sale where Cale found these rain boots that she now lives in everyday. When it is time to head out of the house she puts on her rain boots. She was ready to wear them to church on Sunday and had quite the meltdown when I wouldn't let her. I walked up the stairs the other day and here she was standing outside the door. Love it!!

Cale wants so badly to do what Zoe is doing which causes most of her meltdowns these days. She is a very independent little girl. She wants to do everything herself and if you forget that and accidently do something you are in for the long haul because there are somethings that just can't be undone. The otherday I found myself spilling more milk on the floor just so she could clean it up because I just couldn't take the screaming/crying anymore.

If Cale is tired or hungry she just gets mean. I am the same way so I am sure it is gentic, she just can't help herself. When she gets that way I usually make her got to sit on her bed. The other day she sent herself to bed after she got upset over something and when I made it upstairs to check on her this is what I found. So sweet!

Yes she is still attached to her "B". She is only allowed to have it at nap time, bedtime, and the occasional meltdown in the car!.

Zoe Mae

My little Zoe is growing up so fast and I wish at times I can slow it down. We have had so much fun watching old home movies lately. The girls can't seem to get enough of them. Sometimes I wish I could go back and visit her when she was my little baby. On the other had I love watching her become this amazing little girl. I am constantly in awe at who she is becoming.
Zoe absolutely loves flowers. My sister planted this fun flower garden outside our front door. Zoe excitement for each new flower it amazing. I constantly find her smelling the flowers. Each time we are at Costco she wants to buy a new bouquet for the table. If she had her way we would have fresh flowers on the table everyday.
Zoe has asked for a very long time if she could take Ballet and I finally found her a class. She was so excited to start. She has class every Tues. afternoon. After the 1st class her teacher was amazed at Zoe's ability. She came up after class and asked if Zoe had ever taken dance before. When I replied no she said, "She has such great control of her body for her age. She is very athletic." Zoe comes home and practices everything she learns. At bedtime each night we do stretches and dance around the room. I wish I were as flexible as her! It should be a fun year. I can't wait until she has a recital.

Swim lessons come to an end.....

We had a successful session of swimming lessons. It was great to be out as a family every evening enjoying the nice weather. After swimming lessons we had fun playing at the park before heading home. We found this great little bag that worked perfectly for a Micah carrier. She could stand in it and I could carrier her all over in it. Zoe and Cale loved the tire swing and could really get it spinning.

Cale got a little bored with swimming lessons so Brad had a hard time keeping her motivated to do what was asked. As long as she is warm is loving swimming. Zoe improved so much. She is going under the water all of the time now and really wants to be able to swim.

This was Micah patiently waiting each evening. She looks so cute just hanging out.

The last night was family night. They turned on the slides and toys and we could join in the fun. Zoe didn't like the sound of the big bucket dumping all of water. She didn't want to be around it at all.

The girls love goggles!

Enjoying the lazy river!

They were a little cold so they had a hard time enjoying the last night. It started out a little rocky but they had lots of fun in the end.

By the end Brad had Zoe swimming under the water.

We can't wait for next summer and enjoy some more swimming lessons!

We love to swing.......

This summer we spent a lot of time at the park. Yeah!! When you don't have grass you visit the parks as often as you can! My girls all love to swing and the high you go the more fun they are having. I love the big smiles and the great giggles they have as they swing. This summer was a big year for Zoe she learned how to pump by herself. She can get going all by herself although at times she still likes a good push. I wanted to take a little video but that camera is broken. So here is a series I tried to take of her getting started.

I absolutely love this smile!! I am so glad I caught it on camera.

The day I bring the camera Cale decided she wanted to swing in the little swing. Silly girl! :)

Micah is loving it just as much as the other too. Grandpa just hung her a swing outside off our back porch. She is all full of smiles and excitement as you put her in.

The other big accomplishment for Zoe this summer was the crossbars. She started falling in love with them last year and mastered them this year. By the end of the summer she could skip a bar, hang upside down, and climb all over them. She works so hard get better at it. When she saw someone skip a bar she worked and worked until she could do it. It is fun to see her determination.