Thursday, April 30, 2009

New for Micah......

Zoe decided that Micah needed to accessorize a little bit!!

She really likes to take baths and they are in the kitchen sink. She is working on sitting up in the sink these days. She will be content for a long time until you take her out. Then she screams through the whole dressing process.

She has started to suck on her thumb!! I keep taking it out and putting in the binkie. Brad says, "good luck with that!" Then he said, "she has the technique all wrong but she will figure it out." She finds it more and more each day!!

The biggest news of all is she has started to laugh!! It is so amazing to hear it for the 1st time. Cale and I almost had her laughing the night before but she didn't quite get there. I was in the bedroom dressing the girls for bed when we heard Micah laughing. Brad really had her going. Everyone was so excited for her. We haven't had much success since then but everyone keeps trying. She gets to really squealing when you play patty-cake with her. Sorry the video isn't longer but Brad didn't want everyone to hear his high pitched voice for her!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 months already!!

It is hard to believe that she is 3 months old already. She is spoiling me rotten and continues to sleep about 9 hours a night. She is such a smiley little girl. It is the best to go in 1st thing in the morning to big huge smiles. She loves to sit in her swing and be outside.

She has started sucking on her hands a lot. She constantly has them in her mouth.

My sister-in-law Rachel made these adorable little shoes for Micah. I had to get a picture of her little feet in them.

For Granny Sheridan & Grandpa Tom

Zoe really wanted to show you her freckles. I couldn't decide on which picture to use. I love the details of her little face.

Hip Hops!

We have loved the warm weather. Cale especially loves to wear her hip hops!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bed Time

We were working through the bed time routine tonight and after we got them out of the tub and into their pajamas we were sitting on the floor talking. Cale must have bean extra tired tonight because as I was rubbing her back I realized she wasn't moving much. Sure enough she had fallen asleep in this postion. Playing can be pretty hard work some times.

Zoe's First Fishing Trip

We headed down to Lewiston on Friday afternoon so Zoe could go to a friends birthday party. While we were down there we decided to stay over at Jeff and Ali's house and take some of the kids fishing up on Dworkshak resivoir. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and after the kids took unplanned naps in the morning everyone was happy. We woke up pretty early to get up there which made them a little tired. Jeff was smart and brought a couple of sleeping bags for them to get under when they got a little cold.

Zoe started of the day by catching her first fish. She had fun realing it in on her Barbie fishing pole. All though once it was in the boat I'm not so sure she wanted much to do with it.

If you look close at the next picture you will notice that Zoe is wearing a different coat. Well....we pulled over in a cove to fish and we got out of the boat to fish from the bank. While we were fishing Jenna and Zoe decided to climb up the rather steep bank for fun. While coming down Zoe picked up a little to much speed and was not able to stop by the time she got to the water and you guessed it......SPLASH she took a swim. When I turned around I just saw Zoe clinging to the side of the boat. All in all she handled it pretty well. We got her out of the wet close and wraped up in the sleeping bag and she was back to fishing. By the end of the day thanks to the nice sunny day she was able to change out of Jacksons spare underware (she wasn't to happy about putting on boys underware but Jeff and I informed her that kids that decide to swim in there cloths don't realy get a choice.)

Not only was it fun to be out fishing but it was fun for Zoe to play with Jenna and Jackson. She has missed her friends from Lewiston alot since moving to Spokane.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brads fun....

Brad took these pictures of Micah and I on the hike. I really like how they turned out.

Girls love to shop....

Yesterday the girls and I headed to the mall to do a little shopping. I needed to exchange some pants that I had ordered for Zoe. We had a great time and things went surprisingly well being by myself with the 3 girls. Micah slept the whole time. The fun part was listening to Zoe and Cale as they walked around holding hands through the store..........

Zoe: Cale look at this. Do you think this is cute?

Cale: Yeah!

Zoe: I want to try on this.

Cale: me too! me too!!

Cale: Oey wook at this? Cute?

Zoe: It is beautiful isn't it.

Cale: wook, oey, wook!!

Zoe: I like that one too.

Zoe: There are so many clothes I want to buy.

I am sure we will have many more years of shopping together and having fun!! Hopefully Brad has started saving for us!!

From Zoe.........

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Zoe loves to type on the computer. She is constantly asking to type letters to her grandma/grandpa or her friend Jena. Then she reads them to me and tells me what she wrote. She now asks how to spell words and wants to type as fast as I do. So it usually ends up to be a combination of words and things she just typed. Today she really wanted to help type to post to the blog. This was her contribution.

Easter Fun!

My sister invited us to join her family for Easter this year. Had we known the trip up would be so much fun we might have reconsidered. We did have a great time there and the trip home went much better. The weather was great and we spent a lot of time outside. They live in a very rural area in the country with animals, lots of trees, room to run around, and quite enough to hear the sound of the river running.

Brad took most of the pictures during the weekend but I snatched the camera and took pictures of my sisters dogs. When I told her I had taken some great pictures of the dogs she fell over in shock and exclaimed, "my sister took pictures of animals!" I do like animals but as my family is aware dogs are not my favorite but who can pass up taking a great picture.

They have this great tire swing and my girls loved it!! We could have spent hours out there. Non of the pictures really turned out but they expressions where great.

We went for a long hike and it was wonderful. Zoe found and picked lots and lots of buttercups!

Cale rode in the backpack with Brad most of the time. She was pretty cute when she got out running around. When we got back to the house she was so excited to see the horses. I love it when she squats like this. She has done this since she was little.
We had lots of fun dying Easter eggs. Poor Cale wanted to do everything herself with no help. She spent most of the time in tears. I hope she enjoyed it a little.
Zoe loved every minute of it!
This was the 1st Easter Egg hunt my girls have every gone too. Cale wasn't so sure she wanted to participate at 1st but she soon was having lots of fun.
She even found the golden egg!
I wasn't sure how Zoe would do so I had Brad prep her quit a bit. She ran around picking up eggs but only the ones she thought were pretty enough. She put down everyone of the real eggs she picked up saying she didn't like those ones.
She was completely heartbroken when she didn't find the golden egg. She really looked hard for it.
But once she opened up all her treasures she was back to having fun again.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our New Backyard!!

I have been so excited for spring to come so we can get started on the yard and hopefully have some grass for part of the summer.

I didn't know that we were quite ready to start but the delivery company (Sheetrock) was ready to help us out. After 2 1/2 hours of hard work this is our new yard. Isn't it great?

Cale, what is that on your chest?

That looks like poop? That is poop!! CALE ANNE STINEBAUGH!!

Early in the day my mom was telling me how my aunt had said how much she enjoyed hearing my stories about Cale even though they caused me stress. Well this one tops it all!!

We had a fun evening and spent quite a bit of time playing basketball in the tub. We headed to the girls room to get on PJs and play around some more. (bedtime always seems to take awhile!) Cale was running around and said, "tooter mom" and then giggled. I told her it was time to get her diaper and PJ's on and she soon disappeared and wouldn't come back no matter how much I called for her.

Instead of looking for her I called and called and when she finally show up she had this brown mark across her chest. Zoe promptly exclaimed, "you stink Cale." I said, "that loks like poop?" That is poop!! CALE ANNE STINEBAUGH!!

Cale had gone into our room hid in the corner and poop!! Then she stepped in it and tracked it threw our room back to their room.

I promptly picked her and and dumped her back in the tub and said, "Brad you better come take care of your daughter!"

Later through tears Cale said, "sorry mom" and wanted lots and lots of loves.

The next morning when she was in to our room Brad asked her, "Cale should you poop in that corner?" To which she replied, "YES!"