Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cale, what is that on your chest?

That looks like poop? That is poop!! CALE ANNE STINEBAUGH!!

Early in the day my mom was telling me how my aunt had said how much she enjoyed hearing my stories about Cale even though they caused me stress. Well this one tops it all!!

We had a fun evening and spent quite a bit of time playing basketball in the tub. We headed to the girls room to get on PJs and play around some more. (bedtime always seems to take awhile!) Cale was running around and said, "tooter mom" and then giggled. I told her it was time to get her diaper and PJ's on and she soon disappeared and wouldn't come back no matter how much I called for her.

Instead of looking for her I called and called and when she finally show up she had this brown mark across her chest. Zoe promptly exclaimed, "you stink Cale." I said, "that loks like poop?" That is poop!! CALE ANNE STINEBAUGH!!

Cale had gone into our room hid in the corner and poop!! Then she stepped in it and tracked it threw our room back to their room.

I promptly picked her and and dumped her back in the tub and said, "Brad you better come take care of your daughter!"

Later through tears Cale said, "sorry mom" and wanted lots and lots of loves.

The next morning when she was in to our room Brad asked her, "Cale should you poop in that corner?" To which she replied, "YES!"


Melanie said... disgusting and funny at the same time (only because it was you and not me).

I hope you have a good carpet cleaner!

DaniBB said...

We all have to have at least one of those experiences. Both of my kids have done the Picasso poop paintings. Soon you'll be smiling and laughing about it. Good luck!

Kristin said...

Ah.. the things we go through as parents. I must admit, though, we have yet to deal with poop in the bedroom ....poop in the tub, yes (when the boys were younger, of course):D Loved your story. :D