Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Daddy LOVES me!!

Several years ago Brad's mom and sisters all purchased this amazing cleaning tool called a Shark. I have wanted one for years!! It is a steam cleaner and one of the amazing things it does it clean hardwood and tile floors like a dream. My parents recently put some new floors in their house and in discussing how to clean them the word Shark came up. I proceeded to go on and on about how amazing they are and how I have always wanted one. My dad said he was going to get one for my mom and that I should get one. I said that it wasn't in my budget but someday I would love to have one.

Then one day this box showed up at my house!! I was sure they had made a mistake and delivered it to the wrong house only to learn that my dad had bought me a shark as well. I could hardly contain my excitement and couldn't wait to use it!!

So here is the beautiful tool that will now make my life so much easier!! No more hands, knees, and scrubbing by hand!!

All of the fun accessories it comes with. Can't wait to try it all!!

We tried it out the very 1st day and I love it!! The girls had fun using it too.

Zoe was so excited to use it. I should have let her use it more but I wanted to use it too!! She could turned into my mopping girl she loved it so much.

This is my amazing dad who does so much for me. THANK YOU DAD!! I LOVE YOU!! Isn't his smile the best!

Greatful for my MOM!

I have always been a procrastinator and this time I have been in a crunch to finish a couple of college courses to keep up my teaching certifications. I have had the worst time trying to study. I just never seem to get it done no matter how much I plan too. I needed to get a mid-term done and wasn't sure how to accomplish that. So I called my mom and asked her to come to my rescue. She came for a couple of days played with my girls and kept the laundry from getting out of control. The girls had a great time, I was able to study, and we even got to play a little bit. What would I do without such an amazing mother! THANK YOU MOM!! I LOVE YOU!

(Zoe woke up Friday and asked Grandma when she was going home. Grandma answered, "I don't know your mom hasn't informed me yet." Zoe said, " You should stay the day and go home this evening. Grandma said she didn't drive at night. Zoe quickly replied, "well then you can stay the night and leave after breakfast in the morning." Zoe was sad when Grandma headed home that afternoon after we shopped for area rugs all morning. I think Zoe would keep Grandma around forever!)

Loving the cabinets.............

Micah is loving the cabinets these days. Especially the one in my bathroom. As I am getting ready for the day she downloads everything out of the cabinet and climbs inside. She even loves to have the doors closed. Then she will open it every once in awhile and say BOO. She is just so cute doing it I don't even mind the clean up each day.

The other day I found her in the kitchen cabinet. Apparently she couldn't get the door all the way open but she still found a way to squeeze right in.

She got her sisters involved and they were all playing in the hall closet. They played for quiet awhile. I loved all of the giggles!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spokane Chiefs Hockey......

Brad called home from work the other saying he got tickets to the Spokane Chiefs Hockey game and he wanted to take Zoe. She was so excited to go and talked non-stop when she got home about all the fun things she saw. She is great about remembering the details and it is fun to hear her tell about it. She has been daddy's little buddy lately. She even woke up at 5:30 to join daddy at the REI dent and dings sale Saturday morning. Even though it was a little cold she had so much fun with daddy and getting to eat out for breakfast.

I LOVE to swing!

I have mention several times that my girls love to swing but have I said that it comes from me! :) I LOVE IT! The higher you go the more fun it is. Recently I have been taking the opportunity to swing with my girls. I am not sure if I love the swinging or the giggle I hear from them.


The other day I was in the shower and Zoe came in to tell me that Micah was on the top of her bed. As I exclaimed, "how did she get up there!" Zoe said, "I guess she climbed." Later that night as Micah and I were playing in the rooms she quickly showed me her new trick. It definitely makes her all smiles! She is a goofy little girl. Now part of our morning routine is to put the ladder on the top of the bed so she can't climb. Although she can climb down just as well. I am just to nervous to have her up there without me around.

I guess she is just keeping up with her sisters. Yesterday while the girls were outside laughing and giggling I found them at the top of the outside of the deck which is about 10 feet high!! They started at the bottom stair and climbed rung by rung to the top. My heart almost stopped when I saw them and the large pile of boulders below them. They were told not to do it ever again and I pray that they choose to listen!

Mom am I a beautiful princess? She wants to be doing everything her sisters do. This night she was even wearing Cale's underpants.

Micah has decided that Spaghetti is her favorite food. I however hate the clean up. But with her limit diet options I can't affort do cut this out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


With the weather so nice and spring like we have been living outdoors. The girls have been playing non-stop outside and it has been wonderful!! Zoe would truly live outdoors and the cold rarely seems to bother her. Cale loves to be outside but if she gets cold then she is done and ready for some hot chocolate. Micah loves it outside just as much as Zoe. If the door is open she is running out. If she is caught and brought back inside or never allowed to go out in the 1st place a big fit is thrown. She has the saddest cry!

Zoe has been riding her bike and is desperate to learn how to without training wheels (not exactly sure how that is going to go!).

Cale tags along and tries it all but mostly just ends up running behind.

Micah is particular to all the different cars and is most upset when she isn't the one riding in the jeep beside Zoe. She is getting better about sitting in the stroller and following behind as long as she has food!
I have tried a couple of times at the parks to get a picture of all 3 girls together but. Here is what we got. Micah is way to busy to be stopped for pictures.

I love this pic of Micah even though it is blurred. This is just a classic look for her. Her tongue is always sticking out there!

Zoe loves the crossbars and anything else she can climb on, hang upside down on, etc.

Cale loved watching the ducks and chasing them as they got close. Micah wanted down and the minute I sat her down she went right over to the edge and tried to climb right in. She was so upset when I wouldn't let her do it!

Any day there is sunshine Zoe is sure we need to have a picnic!

We have enjoyed outside so much we have worn Micah right out!

Jump-n-Bounce Fun!

Awhile ago we joined some friends at a fun bounce and play. The girls had a blast on slide!

Micah even had fun climbing around.

Afterwards we went and watch Brad play a little soccer.

The girls had so much fun they didn't want to leave. They stayed with Brad while I took Micah home for nap. They got to run around after the game and Zoe kicked it in the goal. She came home so excited for soccer to start again. I had to hurry and get her signed up because I wasn't actually going to do it!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Micah...........

When Zoe was a little girl she loved coats and Micah is the exact same way. If there is a coat, jacket, sweater, vest, etc around then she has to have it on. She brings it to you and holds out her arm making a little noise for you to put it on. It doesn't matter who's it is and the more the merrier. If you don't put it on her and put it up she cries and throws herself on the floor.

She also loves shoes and purses/bags. She likes all shoes but really likes to wear Cale's because she can actually walk in them. Often she has a purse/bag hanging from her arm.

She absolutely loves baby dolls!! If the girls have one then she is running after them trying to get one. She hangs on to the back of Cale's baby carrier crying because she wants it. It is about as big as she is but she carries it around rocking the baby. It is so cute!!

She loves all telephones and puts them right to her ear. If you are talking on it holding her she is scream while trying to take it out of your hand.

I am just amazed at how much personality has come out in the last little while. For her birthday I said she needed a baby doll. Brad said, "we have ton!" Looking back now we should have definitely purchased a baby doll!!

She loves books and wants you to read to her constantly. You can find her sitting in front of the book shelf in the girls room looking at books. Before her nap we sit in the chair with her blanket and read books. One day she slid of my lap and I told her to go get another book. Now she thinks it is a big game. She will bring a book, climb up, read a couple of pages, slide off my lap, look at me with a cute little smile, and run to the next room and bring back another book.