Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conversation with Cale.....

Yesterday we were staining the deck on the house. It was a long day with the girls. They played well for the most part but every once in awhile they would have a few problems. As I was sitting on the ground under the deck Cale runs over....

Cale: mom, mom

me: Yes, Cale

Cale: Hit me, Zoe. (as she pats the top of her head)

Me: Zoe hit you?

Cale: Yea

Me: Go get kisses from Zoe.

Cale: Zoe, Zoe (as she pats her head and runs towards Zoe. When she gets there she bends over for her kiss.)

It is fun to hear her put words together. I am amazed at all of the words she knows and tries to use.

LIttle Helpers

Zoe and Cale love to help do everything at the house. Sometimes that is an easy thing and sometimes it makes you want to scream. They are so cute when they are helping though. Zoe always helps Cale and tries to get her involved. I love to watch them. After they helped clean the garbage out of the garage they decided it was a fort. They played there for a long time!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yes, we are expecting....

Little hands......

I just love little baby feet!!

Many of you caught on to the fact that we are expecting with our third. We are excited and Zoe is sure it is going to be another girl. Brad keeps assuring her that it would be ok if it is a boy. We were a little slow on getting the ultra sound but finally made it in. Everything looks great and the pregnancy is going well. We have quite the mover so it was a little hard to get a good picture. For those of you dying to know it's a ........ just kidding of course we didn't find out!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun in the Tub

My girls have come to love the round drain in the tub. They love to look at themselves and make all kinds of funny faces. I tried to get them on camera. It was a little tricky because Cale wanted to play with the camera but they are so cute!! I can't wait to try again.

All Tuckered Out!!

We had the opportunity to spend this last week in Lewiston. It was so great to be back in the warmer weather and see so many friends. We were so busy visiting friends we didn't get to walk on the Levee like we wanted to but it was a great trip. The girls played hard and were up late several night by the end they couldn't keep their eye's open. As Zoe said, "I am trying hard to keep my eyes open mommy but they just keep going shut." We can't wiat to visit again soon!!

My 1st Hair Cut

Zoe and I were so excited to get our hair cut when we were in Lewiston. Zoe was a little bummed that she didn't get to go 1st but told Michelle exactly how she wanted it cut. She even asked for a little shorter. When Zoe was finished Cale walked right over like it was her turn. She climbed right up and sat so still for her hair cut. She looked so cute!!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Zoe's new hair cut. Look for them to come!!

Workin Hard with Grandpa

Some of my favorite memories growing up were being outside with my dad. I loved to be doing what he was. Being dirty was just part of the fun!

We headed to my parents house for the weekend. It was such beautiful fall weather. The time of year where it is not cold enough for a fire in the stove but just chilly enough inside you would rather be outside because it is warmer. We had fun spending the whole day outside.

Zoe became Grandpa's little buddy for the day. She worked so hard helping him change the tires on the trailer. She got so dirty but had so much fun. By the end she could tell you how to use the tire changer all by herself. She was telling me exactly what to do next. I had so much fun watching her and wishing I could be little again learning all over again.

Taking the tire off....

Rolling it to the tire changer.....

Changing the tire.....

Of course Cale had to get in the middle of things and help too. She always wants to do what big sister does.

When tire changing was all done they moved on to helping daddy make sides for the trailers.

At the end of the day to stayed awake long enough to roast marshmallows in the fireplace but didn't have any trouble falling asleep. Can't wait to live in the country again!!

Paint, Paint, & More Paint.....

Brad worked so hard to get the house painted for us. Every night Zoe would ask if she could go and help paint. So the girls and I headed down for a visit. Zoe waited so patiently to paint. They loved playing on the ladder and being right in the middle of things. I am so surprised that we didn't end up with more paint all over everyone.

Zoe has become quite the painter. She wants to make sure that it is just prefect before she gives up the paint brush.

Bus Ride

We have been so busy with the house the girls and I decided to take a day off. Zoe decided we should ride the bus to the Mobius museum. They were so excited to ride the bus. Here they are waiting. We were so early we eventually had to walk up to another stop to keep the entertained!!

They absolutely loved riding the bus!!

Just as we were ready to leave they brought out the finger paints. Zoe begged to stay so we did. They had so much fun I had to make them leave to catch the next bus. I am so glad they had the aprons!!

Zoe asked if we could get paints for home!! She would like it to be a daily activity.

A Day With Cale!!

Cale has definitely been our busy girl!! Everytime you turn around she is into something. Even when you think that you have everything possible put up that she can get into she will find something. This is how I found her after my shower one morning. Isn't she cute?