Monday, January 18, 2010

Where have I been?

So I have had many questions as to my poor neglect blog and if I was actually still blogging. Lets just say the last couple of months have been a little crazy for us and it is the one thing I just couldn't keep up with. (ok there are probably several others I am behind on as well) Then once I got behind it seemed so overwhelming to catch up but I have finished the task!! (I am still almost a month behind but I am much closer!)

Why has life been so busy you ask? Well lets see.........since November the girls have been sick just about every other week. At least 5 times with the pukes, ear infections, croup, fevers, etc. No fun at all!! Just when I think we are healthy someone gets sick again! On top of that I taking a college class that I need to direct all my time and attention to and can always find many other things to do instead! So I have been trying to make myself be good. And I have been busy taking pictures for people! :) I have had so much fun!! I can't wait to post some of them for you to see.

I love having the blog and being able to look back at all our memories. The girls love to see what I have written about and the pictures I post. They look at it often. So hopefully I will stay a little more caught up so I don't have to do marathon postings!

So there is a lot of new stuff on here so enjoy and don't get to bored!! :)


For the 1st time we did Christmas at home. At least the morning anyways. My parents were able to join us for Christmas Eve and morning before the headed to my sisters. After we opened presents we headed out to Brad's sisters and enjoyed the day with their family and his parents. Of course we spoiled the girls not even meaning to. It is so easy to go overboard! We did have such a wonderful day!

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law helped me at the last minute to make these cute baby doll carriers for the girls.

Micah loved her new Moo Moo. As Zoe said, "Micah Moo Moo gets a Moo Moo!"

Cale was so excited for her piggy bank. She has been feeding Zoe's piggy, piggy for a long time now. I wanted to get her this for her birthday last year but target was out. She jumped up and down with excitement!
Zoe played and sang us songs all morning.

Micah was so fun to watch open presents. She loved tearing off a piece and handing it to you. Zoe and Cale had fun helping her as well.

Sugar Cookies

I have always loved making sugar cookies. I used to make a mess at my moms house all of the time making cookies with my nieces and nephews. It is sad to say that I haven't taken the opportunity with my girls. So this year I decided I would be brave and we would make cookies for friends and neighbors to give out with our christmas cards. We had lots of fun cutting them out and decorating.
Micah had fun getting messy and watching from her chair.

The only bad part was the girls all got sick right after that and we never delivered the cookies or cards!

More entertainment..........

It seems like whenever I am in the kitchen cooking that is where everyone ends up hanging out. Micah is usually hanging on to my legs wanting me to hold her so I give her anything trying to entertain her. This night Cale and her had so much fun playing with the colanders.
The silly things that entertain.


My sister called several months ago and asked if we wanted to get tickets and take the girls to see the Nutcracker. So we bought tickets for My sister, her daughter Hannah, my Mom, myself, and Zoe. When Cale found out we were going she was so sad and mad at me she wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the day. So I drove down to the ticket office to see if I could exchange tickets and get one with us. Luckily I was able to and I am so glad I did. We had such a fun girls time. They loved to whole thing!! Especially getting all dressed up to go someplace!

An obvious lack of entertainment............

Brad and I were in the kitchen cleaning up dinner when we heard this really strange noise. As I went to inspect this is what I found.........

They were laying on their tummies, pushing backwards, and dragging their foreheads along the hardwood floors. It would make a funny noise so they kept doing it.

In the end they had red dots in the middle of their foreheads that they complained hurt and stayed for days. I guess we don't have enough to do at our house!

Where are you Cale?

A couple of times I found Zoe and Cale hiding under their bunkbed while playing Hide and go seek. Cale has decided that she just likes it under there. One day she got in trouble and I sent her to her room. When I made it upstairs to talk to her I could find her. I yelled and yelled for her but no answer. I looked everywhere in the house and started to get a little paniced. I was standing in her room trying to think of where to look next and I could hear her breathing. I quickly got on the flook and this is what I saw between the suitcases.

Now it is Cale's favorite place to be especially if she is in trouble. Sometimes during naptime she will just crawl under her bed and sleep after I have left her in the room. Such a silly girl.

Micah and Zoe now like to join her often. They all lay under there laughing and playing. Such cute girls!

Mom my tooth hurts........

One morning Cale had several times that her tooth hurt. I finally took the time to look at it and it was turning black!! So off we went to the dentist for her 1st set of x-rays. She had taken a couple of blows to the face prior and one did some damage to her tooth. Really nothing to do but wait it out. She did great at holding still!

Dancing Zoe!

Zoe's dance class preformed at a retirement center for their Christmas dance recital. The girls were so excited to see Santa!

Zoe waiting for her turn to dance. She was so nervous!

She was so shy it took her most of the dance to get started but she finally started to move. She knew the whole dance and had been practicing at home everyday for weeks. She was even teaching Cale the dance as well.

Cale wanted to be as close to the action as she could! She keeps asking when she can dance too.

Night of Nativities

We had a fun evening with the Strom family attending the Nativities Around the World at the Stake Center and the Live nativity at another church. I had no idea we would be gone as long as we were but we had so much fun. Micah took her 1st couple of steps between Brad and I while we were there. I can't believe she is getting so big. She was so exhausted when we brought her home she didn't even wake up as I put her pajamas on and changed her diaper. She hadn't even had a bottle and she slept through the night!

Our Little Climber!

Micah has been pulling herself up for a long time but she decided that she should climb as well. She instantly starts pulling herself up trying to get her foot on something to start her climb up. Her favorite place is the the edge of the bunk bed. She has now master getting up when she wants. She is not walking but she is climbing!

Decorating our tree!

We had a fun evening decorating the Christmas tree. Cale made me a little nervous with the glass balls as they were her favorite.

Micah thought all of the decorations were for her to eat or pull of the tree and eat.

Everyday the girls spent re-arranging the ornaments. It was just something I had to give in and let them do or drive myself crazy. I am glad they enjoyed the tree. Zoe was so sad when we took it down. She clipped branches off and put them in a vase so she could remember our tree. Then she tried to plant them outside one day after she watch a cartoon about planting a garden. She couldn't quite understand whey they died.

Playing Together

Zoe and Cale have really started to include Micah in playing. The tote her along every where even place I would rather they didn't. When she was 1st born Zoe could hold her while sitting or standing right next to me. Progressively over time she has advanced to carrying her down the hall, getting her out of the crib, down the stairs, and now apparently on top of the changing table. Micah doesn't mind at all. In fact she loves all the attention that she gets. Unfortunately Cale tries to do the same things but Micah doesn't appreciate it as much!

Watching Football is a must!

Sunday night is our family football night. We hang out, eat Carmel popcorn, and watch football. Brad is training the girls early!! (although Zoe sometimes complains alittle about all the football we watch! )