Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Baby Dolls

While shopping at costco tonight the girls saw and fell in love with these cute little babies. They were so excited about them that of course had to buy them. Their excitement just spilled out of them as they ran in the house to show daddy and then jumped right into the tub to play with them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A great day outside........

The girls played outside all afternoon. I could hear the laughter and giggling so I went out to join in the fun. I loved capturing all of the different expressions of Zoe as she played. The sound of their laughter was definitely music for me!! I wish I had a recording of there laughter to play over and over!! The entertainment you ask..........the new pile of gravel. My girls will probably be sad when we have grass! :)

Cale was very good at making sure her back was to me at all times!! I was getting so frustrated and then she got so sad because she had to go inside due to a potty accident.

As she hiked up the stairs she said, "but mom I don't want to go inside." Then she attached herself to the rails and didn't want to proceed any further. She eventually made it to the top and was happy little Cale again. Patience, patience, patience is what she requires!!

Grandma & Zoe's Project

This is the project Grandma Sheridan helped Zoe to make this last weekend. Zoe loves it!! I am so grateful for a loving grandma who took the time to teach. We love you!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yummy Treats!!

Family home evening treats were really yummy!!

Zoe's Nest

The day after vacation is always a long one. Trying to to unpack, do the laundry, in this case cleaning the house after leaving it in such a disaster. Of course the kids are always needy as well.

You can always tell when Zoe is tired because she becomes weepy over everything. Nothing you do seems to help and everything makes it worse. She usually says, "I'm trying to stop but the tears just keep on coming."

She attempted a project that didn't go as planed for her and from there she cried over everything until I told her she had to go to my bed and take a nap. When I came up stairs to check on her this is how I found her.

For 45 min I had all 3 girls asleep!! To bad I couldn't decide what was the best thing for me to do with that blissful moment in time. :)

Stinebaugh Gathering

After being released from the hospital we quickly packed our things and headed to Bonners Ferry to get together with the Stinebaugh Family. We were the last to arrive due to our accident but we enjoyed the time we were there. The last time this much of the family was together Zoe was 1 1/2 year old. We really missed Matt and his family and hope to see them soon.

Zoe was so sad that we were so late and she missed the potato dig but once she arrive she had so much fun playing with all of her cousins. We stayed with Sarah and her family and my girls just love Ally!! She was amazing with them playing, feeding, bathing, and putting to bed. She is an amazing girl. I can only hope my girls grow up to be like Ally.

We enjoyed lots of great food, visiting, play games, staying up late, hiking, and all of the beauty. We can't wait to go back and hope it will not be another year seems how 1/2 of Brads family lives up there now.

Cale found this wig at Aunt Kamus's and fell in love. It made her beautiful. She dance, twirled, and fluffed her hair. Aunt Sara taught her how to say she was, "gorgeous." She even had to wear it home she was so in love with it!

We enjoyed a fun hike and Micah was so tired she couldn't keep her eyes open. We missed Zoe and Cale on the hike but they were able to ride home with Grandma from church and spend the afternoon/evening. Zoe had such a great time and sewed her name and dollie on a dish towel. She can't stop talking about. Cale of course kept everyone entertained. When we arrived to pick them up she was of course in her underwear, wearing a basket on her head, standing the stairs looking in the mirror saying, "love you, love you." She is so funny.

A Horrible Night to Remember...........

Last Thursday was a long horrible night for us. While getting the kids ready for bed I was holding Micah in my arms and giving Cale a piggy back ride. Cale was squeezing a little to hard, it caused me to blackout and I dropped Micah to the hardwood floor. As I was coming to I remember seeing Micah on the floor not hearing her but trying to figure out how she got there. After Brad filled me that I had dropped her we proceeded to try and console our little girl. Brad felt her head and found a weird flat spot on the back right side of her head that when touched she cried even harder. At that point we loaded everyone up and headed to the ER.
After several hours and a CT scan we found out that our sweet little Micah had a fracture to her skull. At that point my tears were uncontrollable. I felt like such a horrible mother even though the doctor tried to assure me that, "it happens". Brad gave Micah a blessing and took the other girls home. Micah and I stayed the night in the hospital attached by cables to monitors and an IV. She couldn't eat and keeping her from getting twisted in the cables made the stay lots of fun.
In the end she had no bleeding just the fracture so we were able to go home. She is fine and acts completely normal.
We are grateful for the help of wonderful neighbors, for priesthood blessings, and that Micah will heal and be fine. I couldn't imagine our life without our sweet, beautiful, smiley little Micah. Times like this makes you appreciate what you have and really makes you want to live your life right.
Sorry the pictures are no so great. We ran out of the house with nothing and the only thing Brad remember to bring me was my cell phone which has a scratched camera.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Football anyone?

Brad called home on Wednesday afternoon and asked if we wanted to go to a football game. Zoe was so excited she couldn't stop talking and asking questions about it. We packed warm clothes and drove through McDonalds on the way and made it just after the game started. It was a little cold but everyone had a great time. Cale loved running up and down the bleechers and Zoe had fun trying to find Gabe on the field.

Her favorite part was snuggling Uncle Mike to keep warm! Zoe keeps asking when we are going to another game. She loves her cousin Gabe.

Look mom, I can drive too!!

Cale finally got the hang of driving her little bug too. Cale had so much fun driving Micah around and Micah loved every minute of it especially when she was able to get ahold of the steering wheel. The funniest part was when I went to pick her up her pants were left standing in the car. Cale yelled, "mom her pants, look at Micah's pants!"

Busy, busy little girl.........

Micah has become a busy little girl. She loves to play and see what she can get into. She is constantly on the move and getting into everything.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Visiting School.......

The girls and I made a quick trip to my sisters. Hannah and Zoe are the same age. I love that Zoe has so many cousins her age. Hannah started school this year and Zoe was sad that she didn't get to go as well. While we were visiting Zoe was able to go to school with Hannah for the day. She had a good time and was so excited to go in the morning I couldn't get her to eat breakfast. She looked so cute getting off the bus and she said, "do you have a snack? I'm starving!" I am glad she got the opportunity but it really made me appreciate that I have her home for 1 more year. I want to make the most of it and just enjoy my little girl Zoe.

I can ride a bike!!

It took her all summer but she finally got it. Cale can ride her bike. She has been able to pedal for a long time but steering was always an issue. We enjoyed a nice long walk watching the girls ride their bikes. It was a great family evening.

Cale, "I can go really, really fast."

Daddy & Micah in their cute hats!!

A Lazy Sunday........

We had a great breakfast, stayed in our pj's and settled in downstairs to listen to general conference. There were some great messages given from our leaders. The girls made it a little difficult to listen but I enjoyed the day with them. Now I am enjoyed listen to the talks one by one quitely on my own!!

Home From Italy........

Grandma & Grandpa Stinebaugh flew home from Italy on Monday night. It was a very long day for the girls because they could hardly contain there excitement. I was so glad when we headed to Aunt Rachel's to meet up with the cousins!!

We had a great evening of good food, visiting, and making a sign for grandma & grandpa. It has been such a long time since we have been with a lot of the cousins. It was fun to see how everyone has changed.

The clocked was watched closely each minute until the plane arrived. Grandma & Grandpa were the last to get off the plane so we had quite the wait. It was so fun to see the kids excitement for them show up. Lots of hugs and kisses were given. Zoe was attached to grandma's side for the rest of the night!
It was late and Micah was tired. She was definitely a mommy's girl. She did let Aunt Sarah hold her and snuggled right down onto her brown jacket. I think she thought it was her blankie at home. It was so cute to see her snuggling into the jacket. (Brad was in charge of taking pictures because I had Micah. There are a few he missed but I will give him effort for trying. He took video of them walking out so there is no picture. I will have to see if anyone else got one.)
Tuesday morning we headed out to Aunt Rachels for breakfast and on Thursday grandma & grandpa stayed at our house. The girls were so excited to have them. They were sad to see them go the next morning and insisited on saying goodbye outside even in the rain.

Supportive Sisters!!

Soccer is a cold sport!! So far we have played in the wind, rain, and cold but Micah and Cale love to go. We just bundle up and have fun cheering for our Zoe. She is doing awesome!! As soon as I can figure out the video I will get it posted.

Little Stinker!!

Micah is quick these days to get into things that she shouldn't be. She finds anything she can to put into her mouth. She is a speedy little crawler. I found her terrorizing my planner other day. I love her little face when she gets caught!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Jeep

Zoe has received a new jeep and the girls are in love!! We have been cruising in it everyday. It has some speed to it and they can't get enough of it.