Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pineapple Cupcakes for Dessert

Zoe and I spent the afternoon making cupcakes for dessert. I am basically a bystander as Zoe does everything. We had lots of fun hanging out together.

Cale just woke up from her nap and was still on the grumpy side so she hung out on daddy's lap.

She eventually made it over and decided that she really liked the batter. She was eating it right out of the cupcakes as I was filling.

Here is a cute video of Cale eating the batter. Enjoy!

No, I don't know how to use the answering machine!

So we transferred out Comcast phone service when we moved into the house. I have never liked there voice mail set up but haven't been able to figure out how to use our answering machine instead. Since moving in I have called that voice mail a couple of times to check messages. I only received a message saying that my voice mailbox wasn't set up. So I figured no one could leave a message and I haven't worried about it. While talking to a friend at church today I realized that people have been leaving messages and I better figure things out.

End of story......I got things set up and I had 40 messages on my phone. To all of you who have been trying to call us this last month I am sorry, I just now received your message. I really do return phone calls!!

Swimming Lessons

With our summer being a little crazy I didn't get Zoe into swimming lessons like I would have liked. We have been swimming with her a lot and she loves to go. I have worked with her on several things but I thought it would be good for her to have lessons. I started looking at the calendar and decided if I didn't do it now before the baby comes it would be next summer before she got the chance. She had a great time and did everything they asked her too. In the bathtub that night she was practicing her back floats and breathing out her nose under water.

Read, Read!!

Cale loves to read anything she gets a hold of books, magazines, etc. She will sit for a long time and just look through the book. She especially gets excited when she finds a puppy for a horse.
She loves it if you just sit and read to her for hours. This is how I found her in my room the other night.

Halloween Requests

After the last set of posts I got several requests for Halloween pictures. I just figured I was too slow and no one would care. So here they are. The girls were fairies and loved it.

We went out to the valley mall and Zoe couldn't get enough. She would have gone around several times if her cousin Hannah hadn't been ready to be done.

Daddy tried to take her candy away for a picture and it brought instant tears!!

She was all smiles as soon as he gave it back to her. She is so determined!!

Showing off her treats!!

Zoe wanted to check out everything that she got right away. I was ready to get rid of it right away. She definitely has her daddy's sweet tooth.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching Up.......

Many of you have probably noticed that it has been awhile since I have posted to the blog. Life has been a little crazy for us as we have MOVED into the new house. Yep, we are finally here and are enjoy life. I wish I had pictures of the many truck/trailer loads or the extremely full garage but I don't. Brad said many times, "I don't know where we are going to put all of this stuff!"

So we are slowly trying to fit everything in. I wish that unpacking would go a little faster but I have completed the kitchen. So little by little and room by room we go. It is so great not to be in the 3rd floor apartment or have some place something to do everytday. As we left to go grocery shopping the other day, Zoe said, " mom we haven't had to get up every morning and get dressed to go some where. I like being home."

So I hope you all enjoy what I have had to post, I know it is a lot. You might have to go to the older posts to see them all.


If you know Brad you know how much he loves fishing. He hasn't been able to do a whole lot in the last couple of years. He got the opportunity to go fishing this last weekend. Notice the bend in the pole.......yep he has a fish on!!

Funny Girl

When I sat down to pick out pictures to put on the blog I found these mysterious pictures on my camera. It made me smile!! Thought some of you might enjoy too. This is the order they came off the camera. What a silly girl!!

Let it Rain, Let it Rain!!

Zoe got this cute rain outfit for her birthday. Since then she has asked and asked to go out in the rain with her umbrella. I finally relented and we went out to play. I wish that I had taken that moment sooner. We had so much fun running through the puddles and dancing around.

Cale got a little cold and we are in search of some rainboots for her!! Can you believe I actaully thought she wouldn't want to get in the puddle?

Driving the Cars

We do a lot of driving up and down the road in the jeep these days. Not as much as the girls would like but the weather hasn't been all that cooperative.

Cale loves to ride right next to sister. Every once in awhile she tries to push on the gas!!

Zoe has gotten much better at steering. At first it was a little scary!!

Brad was worried about how Cale would do with the jeep. He found this little VW Bug for Cale. Zoe thinks both are hers but she never wants to drive the Bug. Cale loves to push on the gas but definitely hasn't figured out the steering yet!!

We drove so long one day both girls were freezing. Cale wouldn't even take her hands out of her pockets. We enjoyed hot chocolate when we got inside.

My Baby turned 4!!

Zoe has been so excited to turn 4 for quite some time. She was up super early on her birthday bouncing off the walls. She ran into my room, jumped on the bed, and said, "mom, guess what? It's my birthday today!" She was sure that she didn't turn 4 until her party. She waited all day for her party and then announced, "I'm 4!!"

We spent the morning decorating her butterfly cake. She of course wanted to do everything so we ended up with quite a bit of frosting!!

She wanted waffles with strawberries and whip cream for dinner along with sausage links. Of course she wanted to help make everything.

Brad brought me flowers for our anniversary and Zoe loved them. Every time we are in Costco or Wal-Mart she asks if we can get more flowers. I just kept say, "when we get moved in and have the table up." When we moved in, she asked, and I again put her off.
Daddy brought her home flowers for her birthday. She had the biggest smile!!

She had to wait all day for her birthday party. She was so good until we finally put the party stuff on the table and then she couldn't hardly stand it. We just had a family party for Zoe because we had just moved into the house 2 days before and weren't actually suppose to be there.
Brad did great at entertaining her until everything was ready.

When we bought her "4" candle she was so excited and carried it with her for 2 days!!

Cale insisted on having her picture with the cake but she was mostly interested in the candle!!

It actually took her 3 blows to get it out!!

Zoe got a barbie jeep for her birthday. She has been asking for one since visiting her cousin Aaron this spring.

We had to bundle up and go out driving right away.

Zoe had a great birthday. As she went to bed that night she said, "mom I am so excited to be 4. I had fun today." Now she is already talking about things for her 5th birthday!

Football Day!!

Brad had the opportunity to play football with our church ward the other day. He was excited to play some football. Unfortunately the girls and I were a little slow at getting ready in the morning and by the time we made it he was done playing. We had fun watching another game and letting the girls run around. They love to be outside and I love the fall weather. They looked so cute bundled up!! I just loved the pictures I was able to get of them.

Night, Night Cale......

When Cale was a little baby Zoe loved to feed her a bottle and put her to sleep. She hasn't asked for a long time and right in the middle of the move she started asking to put Cale to sleep. I finally relented and let her try. I didn't actually think she would get her to sleep and much to my surprise..............

Zoe was so excited that she put Cale to sleep!!

Now that we have moved into the new house Cale said good bye to her crib and into her "big girl" bed with Zoe. She has made the transfer for naps and everything so well. She loves to do what big sister is doing. Now in the middle of the night if she wakes up there is no yelling for "mom, mom", she just shows up at the side of our bed.

I can't believe my baby is growing into a little girl. I think I emotional about it and she is excited by all the things she can do.