Sunday, November 16, 2008

Night, Night Cale......

When Cale was a little baby Zoe loved to feed her a bottle and put her to sleep. She hasn't asked for a long time and right in the middle of the move she started asking to put Cale to sleep. I finally relented and let her try. I didn't actually think she would get her to sleep and much to my surprise..............

Zoe was so excited that she put Cale to sleep!!

Now that we have moved into the new house Cale said good bye to her crib and into her "big girl" bed with Zoe. She has made the transfer for naps and everything so well. She loves to do what big sister is doing. Now in the middle of the night if she wakes up there is no yelling for "mom, mom", she just shows up at the side of our bed.

I can't believe my baby is growing into a little girl. I think I emotional about it and she is excited by all the things she can do.

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