Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zoe LOVES Soccer!!

To say that Zoe loves soccer is probably and understatement. She is so excited to play. The season started a couple of weeks ago and she is having a blast! As she heads out to the field to play or comes off for a water break she has this run that is more like a hop/skip/jump and is just happy. It is always accompanied by a huge grin across her face. She has scored 9 goals so far and she can't wait to score more!

I love this picture because it shows her huge grin that she has the whole time she plays.

Fun in the Yard.......

We have been living outside in the nice weather. The girls have these great little farmers tans already! We have been working and playing hard in the back yard.

Zoe, Mommy, and Cale.

We had fun taking Shadow pictures in the bright sunshine. Really tried for all 4 of us but it just didn't happen.

Zoe & Cale
Micah, Zoe, and Mommy.

Micah loves the rocks and her diaper is usually full of them by the time we head inside.

The only downside is we only have 1 swing and all 3 girls love it. Micah is sure that she should be the only one allowed in. She has been plowed by the swing several times as the other girls were swinging. Great opportunity for teaching sharing! :)
Love this girl. She seems to try my patience more then the other two. She is just so determined. Yet at the same time she can me the most loving/silly/adorable girl.

Micah saw a cat and really wanted to get to it. It was pretty funny to watch her look through all of the rails and holler at the cat.

Zoe and Cale hauled dirt with dad. They had to get new shovels because they have worn the old ones out. Our girls love to work!

Brad built these great play pins for Micah. :)

Please mom please just pick me up!! Sometimes we work so long and hard the girls have had enough. They have been so amazing through are many projects and working along side of us. We hopefuly will have grass soon!

Family Hiking.......

We loved the warm weather we had and took advantage of it and did a little family hiking. There is the fun little spot 5 minutes from the house! The girls love it!

Micah is sure that she shouldn't be trapped in the backpack!
Zoe and Cale are so much fun to watch walking together, running all over, and climbing to new heights. Cale is like a little mimic of Zoe. It is funny to listen to her repeat everything Zoe says.

We saw a ton of wildflowers my girls loved to pick and a great view of Mt. Spokane.

Couldn't have asked for a better time. Fun with family in the great outdoors!! Hope to do it often this summer! :)

It took Micah a second to get her legs back after she was allowed out and then she was off and running. She is a busy girl! :)

We LOVE track!! (or at least I do)

A couple of weeks ago we got a last minute call that Sydney was running in a track meet in Freeman. I love track season so we jumped in the car and headed down to watch her race. We made it in time to watch the 300 hurdles. The weather was windy and a little cold so we didn't make it to the end to watch the 4X400 but we had fun. It made me miss track season so much. I loved coaching track! Hopefully we can make it to another meet! :)

Micah loved all the rocks and found a nice seat on the sidewalk!

Cale preferred to watch from the car where it was warm!
It is amazing how much the cool weather can wear a kid out!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh where has my baby gone?

The other day I finally had to admit to myself that Micah is no long a baby but a little toddler. Especially after I did her hair in piggy-tails for church and took this cute little picture. She is growing up. It is fun and exciting to see her accomplish so many new things and watch her personality develop but sad on my heart that it has happened so fast.

She has decided that she should eat at the table with us and no longer likes the tray on her high chair. It makes cleaning up so much harder but she loves it. She often tries to sit in "Cale's Chair" which doesn't make Cale to happy. This morning Cale wasn't awake yet and Micah thought she was pretty big stuffy. The worst challenge is trying to keep her off the table. If you strap her in she screams at the top of her lungs and if you don't she crawls all over the table. What to do?
She has taken quite an interest in Cale's binkie these days. If Cale has them she grabs one and runs. She likes to suck on it just long enough to bother Cale.
She love it when the fridge is open and can play with everything. Lately she just loves to sit on the little ledge as well. She wants her blankie all of the time. When you get her out of bed she hands you her blanket, her moo moo, then looks around to make sure she has everything the lifts her arms for you to pick her up.

She is so much like Zoe in this regard. She loves to play on the counters especially while I cook. She will sit the whole time I am cooking. She plays with the utensils, snacks, plays with the toys on the fridge, and most recently she discovered the spice cabinet. Now you can't keep her out of it but she loves to shake them all. The one toy sings the "ABC" song and she plays it over and over while she dances. She is quite the little dancer. All you have to say is, "shake it Micah" and she is dancing away.