Monday, April 5, 2010

Cale is 3!!

It is hard for me to believe that Cale is 3 but it is true. We had so much fun celebrating her birthday as a family. When I asked who she wanted at her party she said, "mommy, and Zoe, and Micah, and daddy." So that is what we did.

For about a month she said that she wanted a flower cake but as we were buying sprinkles she saw a princess cake and decided that is what she had to have. So this is my attempt and she was more than thrilled (it helped that it was purple!).

Everything was princess and the girls of course had to dress up as well.
I love how excited she is!!
She was so great about letting Zoe help open and share every present with her. Cale has always been like that and it is one of the things I find most amazing about her. Example.....If she asks for a snack she always ask for Zoe too and brings her one.

Micah sat in the high chair for quite awhile and then she finally decided she had enough and climbed on the table to join the fun.
I love how Micah is just doing her own thing while Cale and Zoe are busy opening presents.
The winner of all presents were the baby dolls. It is the only thing she asked for. She wanted 5 of them but she was happy with two. She loves baby dolls!

Dr. Kincaid said that Cale is a healthy happy little girl. She has a tendency to win over people pretty fast with her cute little smile and fun personality. She is in the 85 % for height and weight her stats are:

Height : 38 1/2 inches

Weight: 34 lbs

I am truely grateful for Cale. She is our little sunshine!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness. What an adorable party.

Cale is such a sweet girl.

I can't believe she is three either.

DaniBB said...

sooooo cute! I'm going crasy thinking that Connor will be 3 on Friday. They grow up too fast. What a fun party!!!

secwalker said...

What a fun princess party. Your girls are so cute (and nice! I need to learn your secrets!).