Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter in Montana

We headed to Montana for Easter weekend and had a great time. We needed to pick up the raft because Brad is starting rafting season already. The girls and I will wait until it is a little warmer! :)

My sister and her family met us at my parents and we enjoying hanging out, good food, general conference, hot tubing, and all the fun Easter activities. My girls would move to Grandma's house! The other day we were driving to Coeur d'Alene and Cale was giddy with excitement when she said, "were on grandma's road!"

We of course dyed Easter Eggs. Zoe is my project girl and would sit for hours dying Easter Eggs. She was so sad when the eggs ran out. Cale was right there with her in excitement. You would have though 6 dozen eggs would have been enough!

These were my contribution to Easter egg dying this year. I applied the the tape for the letters, Zoe picked out the color and I wrote the rest of the name. Love them!
Micah loved the Easter egg hunt! She knew exactly what to do and crawled right under the tree to get her egg.
It took Cale awhile to get the hang of it but then she was off running and grinning!
Zoe was running from the beginning and had to empty her bucket so she could continue. She wasn't so excited about combining all the candy because she wanted her own but in the end it hasn't bothered her at all. Mostly they just want gum and I don't have a problem with that at all! (it is sugar free!)
I love my parents yard!! I am truly lucky to have grown up with such a playland and now my girls get to enjoy as well. Trampoline, swings, basketball court, tag on the tires, room to run and play, and of course the rope swing. We would ride on it so long as kids we would have to get gloves are hands were raw. I could easily see Zoe doing the same thing. It looked so fun Brad and I had to give it a try as well. Still love it!!
At Thanksgiving Zoe and her cousins found a long hole through the haystack and made a fort out of it. Zoe was so excited to go back and play in the hay fort. She was a little sad when we arrived and the haystack was almost gone. It took her awhile to figure out that the hole was really gone and she couldn't make another one. Grandpa to the RESCUE!! He headed right out to the stack and built Zoe her own fort. Making it stable with boards so he felt OK about her playing in it. Zoe was in heaven! Thanks Grandpa! :) Zoe loves to be Grandpas little buddy and work right along side of him.

Zoe and Hannah had a great time playing with each other. Zoe is so blessed to have several cousins her age and close so that she can do things with them.
These two however are TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE!!! If there is mischief to be found they will find it. You are constantly worried about what they are going to do next!

Micah got glasses on the trip. Goofy girl!

And the best set of bed head she has ever had!
In the end the girls were exhausted and ended up kicking us out of bed!

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DaniBB said...

I love the pictures of Micah doing the egg hunt. She's so cute!