Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Beautiful Girls!!

With Micah turning 1 and Cale 3 I really wanted to get new pictures of the girls. I had so much fun taking their pictures. I love how some of their personalities were captured. Aren't they gorgeous girls? (Not that I am bias or anything! :) ) I love the blue eyes. They definitely have their dads coloring! Still working on one with them all together.


Nygards said...

Oh Amy, I love them! You did such a good job and your girls are so cute. You totally got each of their personalities. So cute!

DaniBB said...

They are beautiful. I can't believe how different they all look. I think that Zoe is starting to look so much like you. They are so cute!

stephanie said...


The photos of the girls are beautiful. I loved them all!