Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun in the Yard.......

We have been living outside in the nice weather. The girls have these great little farmers tans already! We have been working and playing hard in the back yard.

Zoe, Mommy, and Cale.

We had fun taking Shadow pictures in the bright sunshine. Really tried for all 4 of us but it just didn't happen.

Zoe & Cale
Micah, Zoe, and Mommy.

Micah loves the rocks and her diaper is usually full of them by the time we head inside.

The only downside is we only have 1 swing and all 3 girls love it. Micah is sure that she should be the only one allowed in. She has been plowed by the swing several times as the other girls were swinging. Great opportunity for teaching sharing! :)
Love this girl. She seems to try my patience more then the other two. She is just so determined. Yet at the same time she can me the most loving/silly/adorable girl.

Micah saw a cat and really wanted to get to it. It was pretty funny to watch her look through all of the rails and holler at the cat.

Zoe and Cale hauled dirt with dad. They had to get new shovels because they have worn the old ones out. Our girls love to work!

Brad built these great play pins for Micah. :)

Please mom please just pick me up!! Sometimes we work so long and hard the girls have had enough. They have been so amazing through are many projects and working along side of us. We hopefuly will have grass soon!

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The Wynn Family said...

no wonder you have been MIA for a little while! It looks like you are making progress... lots of progress.