Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cute Baby

I just took this picture of Micah and I couldn't help but share!!

A House of GIRLS!!

Our newest family member arrived January 26th and she is another beautiful little girl for our family. Micah Noel weight 6 lbs 15 oz and was 20" long. She is the smallest but definitely looks a lot like her older sisters!!

Daddy & His Girls!!

Brad has recieved alot advice concerning a house full of girls. He is assured his life is going to be full of DRAMA!!

He is an amazing daddy and his girls love him very much!!


Zoe & Cale couldn't wait to visit their new sister or to bring her home. Micah was such a good baby while her sisters held her. They did great taking turns but no one else was allowed to hold Micah but them. They want to be right with her every second and it hasn't changed even after being home!!


Just before the baby came my sister came over and painted the nursery for me. She had did some painting in Zoe & Cale's room when we lived in Lewiston. I loved how it turned out!! Brad also hung the pictures for me so the room ended up complete before the baby arrived.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Grand Tour....

It is hard to believe that we have been in our house a couple of months!! I am one of those people that always thinks my house is dirty. So far I have had no one over to visit or given anyone the pictures that they have asked for. I have been too worried about the clutter and the mess of unpacking.

I have finally come to the realization that the baby will be here in 3 weeks and I am going to have to live with my house how it is and slowly keep working on it. I got a box of pictures out to hang last night and packed them all up again. I don't have any idea of where to hang them!!

I also figured I should let people see my house because I got several other inquires the other day. I hope you enjoy the tour!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Coming Soon!!

I had a doctors appointment just before Christmas and found out I needed to have another ultra sound. I made the appointment and as a family we went to see our new little one. I loved seeing the little face because we didn't get to the 1st time. Everything looks great and the baby doing good.

Here are some cute pictures our our little ones face!!

We haven't ever found out what we were having and this time is no exception but has been alot harder. We have been dying to find out if we are having a boy or girl so doing this ultra sound was a little difficult.

While we were at the office Brad said to Zoe, "do you want to find out today if we are having a boy or a girl?"

Zoe says "YES" right away and then Brad says, "no we should probably wait, mommy is going to have the baby in just a couple more weeks."

The baby was laying the wrong way to find out anyways.

We love to go Sledding!!

My family has always been huge into sledding. Every year my dad made us the best sledding hill and we would run it until it was as smooth as ice and you could fly down the hill. Probably cause to several injuries but we had so much fun. We would sled well into dark and dad would light torches up the hill so we had light.

This Christmas break was no different. Dad had Zoe out helping him make a sledding hill on the 1st day. Everyday after that was spent out on the sledding hill.

Dad only ever takes 1 or 2 runs down the hill and spends the rest of the time making sure the sleds stay on track, smoothing things out, and now pulling grandkids up and down the hill.

Zoe fits right into the family and is a sledding maniac!! She absolutley loves it and will stay out until she is the last one off the hill. Brad got her this great little sled and she can go.

I think I have watched this video a million times. She is just so cute!!

She hikes herself up the hill over and over pulling a sled. A couple of times she would bum a ride from dad or her Uncle Morgan.
She spent her time being daddy's little but and then Uncle Morgan's little buddy with a smile on her face the whole time.

It took us awhile and several trips down the hill but Cale got into the fun of things as well. She actually liked going down the hill with daddy and her little giggle was so cute as she flew on by.

This is daddy's favorite way to carry her up the hill. She is all smiles about it until she is ready to be done and then you better not push your luck.

Christmas Morning

This year we spent Christmas at my parents house in Montana with my older sister, her family, and my youngest brother. It was a wonderful white Christmas and we had a great time sledding and enjoying the lazy days.

Zoe woke up early on Christmas morning but my sisters family hadn't made it into town until 2 o'clock so we entertained her in the room for several hours before she could go out into the living room to see what Santa had brought. She was bursting with excitement by the time we let her out.

Cale on the other hand would have continued to sleep........but Zoe was ready to wake her up.

For all of Zoe's excitement, she just has to take things in before she gets really excited. She is one that definitely has to check everything out. She is so observant about things.

Nothing like her cousin Hannah who came bolting out yelling..........Presents!! Her excitement quickly rubbed off on Zoe and she was full of smiles again.
It didn't take Cale long to get into the swing of things and she has loved her new baby doll.
Zoe had so much fun opening presents and has named her new doll, Callie.

Zoe's 1st Santa Picture!!

When Zoe was 1 month old my dad dressed as Santa and we took pictures of her with her cousins. Since then Zoe has had a huge fear of Santa. I have many pictures of her walking towards him and then backing away really fast or clinging to Brad crying. So this is actaully the 1st year she has wanted to sit on his lap. Maybe Cale made her a littel braver because he didn't bother Cale at all!! She walked right up to him and sat down.