Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Morning

This year we spent Christmas at my parents house in Montana with my older sister, her family, and my youngest brother. It was a wonderful white Christmas and we had a great time sledding and enjoying the lazy days.

Zoe woke up early on Christmas morning but my sisters family hadn't made it into town until 2 o'clock so we entertained her in the room for several hours before she could go out into the living room to see what Santa had brought. She was bursting with excitement by the time we let her out.

Cale on the other hand would have continued to sleep........but Zoe was ready to wake her up.

For all of Zoe's excitement, she just has to take things in before she gets really excited. She is one that definitely has to check everything out. She is so observant about things.

Nothing like her cousin Hannah who came bolting out yelling..........Presents!! Her excitement quickly rubbed off on Zoe and she was full of smiles again.
It didn't take Cale long to get into the swing of things and she has loved her new baby doll.
Zoe had so much fun opening presents and has named her new doll, Callie.

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