Thursday, January 1, 2009

We love to go Sledding!!

My family has always been huge into sledding. Every year my dad made us the best sledding hill and we would run it until it was as smooth as ice and you could fly down the hill. Probably cause to several injuries but we had so much fun. We would sled well into dark and dad would light torches up the hill so we had light.

This Christmas break was no different. Dad had Zoe out helping him make a sledding hill on the 1st day. Everyday after that was spent out on the sledding hill.

Dad only ever takes 1 or 2 runs down the hill and spends the rest of the time making sure the sleds stay on track, smoothing things out, and now pulling grandkids up and down the hill.

Zoe fits right into the family and is a sledding maniac!! She absolutley loves it and will stay out until she is the last one off the hill. Brad got her this great little sled and she can go.

I think I have watched this video a million times. She is just so cute!!

She hikes herself up the hill over and over pulling a sled. A couple of times she would bum a ride from dad or her Uncle Morgan.
She spent her time being daddy's little but and then Uncle Morgan's little buddy with a smile on her face the whole time.

It took us awhile and several trips down the hill but Cale got into the fun of things as well. She actually liked going down the hill with daddy and her little giggle was so cute as she flew on by.

This is daddy's favorite way to carry her up the hill. She is all smiles about it until she is ready to be done and then you better not push your luck.


QnA Drapers said...

My kids would have a blast there with you guys! Looks like so much fun! Good luck with this new litle one on the way.

Transitional Farr's said...

What great pictures. I love the one of your Dad. What a great treasure to have. YOu are so missed in our ward.