Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Baby turned 4!!

Zoe has been so excited to turn 4 for quite some time. She was up super early on her birthday bouncing off the walls. She ran into my room, jumped on the bed, and said, "mom, guess what? It's my birthday today!" She was sure that she didn't turn 4 until her party. She waited all day for her party and then announced, "I'm 4!!"

We spent the morning decorating her butterfly cake. She of course wanted to do everything so we ended up with quite a bit of frosting!!

She wanted waffles with strawberries and whip cream for dinner along with sausage links. Of course she wanted to help make everything.

Brad brought me flowers for our anniversary and Zoe loved them. Every time we are in Costco or Wal-Mart she asks if we can get more flowers. I just kept say, "when we get moved in and have the table up." When we moved in, she asked, and I again put her off.
Daddy brought her home flowers for her birthday. She had the biggest smile!!

She had to wait all day for her birthday party. She was so good until we finally put the party stuff on the table and then she couldn't hardly stand it. We just had a family party for Zoe because we had just moved into the house 2 days before and weren't actually suppose to be there.
Brad did great at entertaining her until everything was ready.

When we bought her "4" candle she was so excited and carried it with her for 2 days!!

Cale insisted on having her picture with the cake but she was mostly interested in the candle!!

It actually took her 3 blows to get it out!!

Zoe got a barbie jeep for her birthday. She has been asking for one since visiting her cousin Aaron this spring.

We had to bundle up and go out driving right away.

Zoe had a great birthday. As she went to bed that night she said, "mom I am so excited to be 4. I had fun today." Now she is already talking about things for her 5th birthday!

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