Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conversation with Cale.....

Yesterday we were staining the deck on the house. It was a long day with the girls. They played well for the most part but every once in awhile they would have a few problems. As I was sitting on the ground under the deck Cale runs over....

Cale: mom, mom

me: Yes, Cale

Cale: Hit me, Zoe. (as she pats the top of her head)

Me: Zoe hit you?

Cale: Yea

Me: Go get kisses from Zoe.

Cale: Zoe, Zoe (as she pats her head and runs towards Zoe. When she gets there she bends over for her kiss.)

It is fun to hear her put words together. I am amazed at all of the words she knows and tries to use.

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