Sunday, October 5, 2008

Workin Hard with Grandpa

Some of my favorite memories growing up were being outside with my dad. I loved to be doing what he was. Being dirty was just part of the fun!

We headed to my parents house for the weekend. It was such beautiful fall weather. The time of year where it is not cold enough for a fire in the stove but just chilly enough inside you would rather be outside because it is warmer. We had fun spending the whole day outside.

Zoe became Grandpa's little buddy for the day. She worked so hard helping him change the tires on the trailer. She got so dirty but had so much fun. By the end she could tell you how to use the tire changer all by herself. She was telling me exactly what to do next. I had so much fun watching her and wishing I could be little again learning all over again.

Taking the tire off....

Rolling it to the tire changer.....

Changing the tire.....

Of course Cale had to get in the middle of things and help too. She always wants to do what big sister does.

When tire changing was all done they moved on to helping daddy make sides for the trailers.

At the end of the day to stayed awake long enough to roast marshmallows in the fireplace but didn't have any trouble falling asleep. Can't wait to live in the country again!!

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