Wednesday, March 10, 2010


With the weather so nice and spring like we have been living outdoors. The girls have been playing non-stop outside and it has been wonderful!! Zoe would truly live outdoors and the cold rarely seems to bother her. Cale loves to be outside but if she gets cold then she is done and ready for some hot chocolate. Micah loves it outside just as much as Zoe. If the door is open she is running out. If she is caught and brought back inside or never allowed to go out in the 1st place a big fit is thrown. She has the saddest cry!

Zoe has been riding her bike and is desperate to learn how to without training wheels (not exactly sure how that is going to go!).

Cale tags along and tries it all but mostly just ends up running behind.

Micah is particular to all the different cars and is most upset when she isn't the one riding in the jeep beside Zoe. She is getting better about sitting in the stroller and following behind as long as she has food!
I have tried a couple of times at the parks to get a picture of all 3 girls together but. Here is what we got. Micah is way to busy to be stopped for pictures.

I love this pic of Micah even though it is blurred. This is just a classic look for her. Her tongue is always sticking out there!

Zoe loves the crossbars and anything else she can climb on, hang upside down on, etc.

Cale loved watching the ducks and chasing them as they got close. Micah wanted down and the minute I sat her down she went right over to the edge and tried to climb right in. She was so upset when I wouldn't let her do it!

Any day there is sunshine Zoe is sure we need to have a picnic!

We have enjoyed outside so much we have worn Micah right out!

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