Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun!

My sister invited us to join her family for Easter this year. Had we known the trip up would be so much fun we might have reconsidered. We did have a great time there and the trip home went much better. The weather was great and we spent a lot of time outside. They live in a very rural area in the country with animals, lots of trees, room to run around, and quite enough to hear the sound of the river running.

Brad took most of the pictures during the weekend but I snatched the camera and took pictures of my sisters dogs. When I told her I had taken some great pictures of the dogs she fell over in shock and exclaimed, "my sister took pictures of animals!" I do like animals but as my family is aware dogs are not my favorite but who can pass up taking a great picture.

They have this great tire swing and my girls loved it!! We could have spent hours out there. Non of the pictures really turned out but they expressions where great.

We went for a long hike and it was wonderful. Zoe found and picked lots and lots of buttercups!

Cale rode in the backpack with Brad most of the time. She was pretty cute when she got out running around. When we got back to the house she was so excited to see the horses. I love it when she squats like this. She has done this since she was little.
We had lots of fun dying Easter eggs. Poor Cale wanted to do everything herself with no help. She spent most of the time in tears. I hope she enjoyed it a little.
Zoe loved every minute of it!
This was the 1st Easter Egg hunt my girls have every gone too. Cale wasn't so sure she wanted to participate at 1st but she soon was having lots of fun.
She even found the golden egg!
I wasn't sure how Zoe would do so I had Brad prep her quit a bit. She ran around picking up eggs but only the ones she thought were pretty enough. She put down everyone of the real eggs she picked up saying she didn't like those ones.
She was completely heartbroken when she didn't find the golden egg. She really looked hard for it.
But once she opened up all her treasures she was back to having fun again.

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