Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girls love to shop....

Yesterday the girls and I headed to the mall to do a little shopping. I needed to exchange some pants that I had ordered for Zoe. We had a great time and things went surprisingly well being by myself with the 3 girls. Micah slept the whole time. The fun part was listening to Zoe and Cale as they walked around holding hands through the store..........

Zoe: Cale look at this. Do you think this is cute?

Cale: Yeah!

Zoe: I want to try on this.

Cale: me too! me too!!

Cale: Oey wook at this? Cute?

Zoe: It is beautiful isn't it.

Cale: wook, oey, wook!!

Zoe: I like that one too.

Zoe: There are so many clothes I want to buy.

I am sure we will have many more years of shopping together and having fun!! Hopefully Brad has started saving for us!!

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Kristin said...

How funny! Watch out...looks like your girls like shopping. :D