Monday, September 14, 2009

Swim lessons come to an end.....

We had a successful session of swimming lessons. It was great to be out as a family every evening enjoying the nice weather. After swimming lessons we had fun playing at the park before heading home. We found this great little bag that worked perfectly for a Micah carrier. She could stand in it and I could carrier her all over in it. Zoe and Cale loved the tire swing and could really get it spinning.

Cale got a little bored with swimming lessons so Brad had a hard time keeping her motivated to do what was asked. As long as she is warm is loving swimming. Zoe improved so much. She is going under the water all of the time now and really wants to be able to swim.

This was Micah patiently waiting each evening. She looks so cute just hanging out.

The last night was family night. They turned on the slides and toys and we could join in the fun. Zoe didn't like the sound of the big bucket dumping all of water. She didn't want to be around it at all.

The girls love goggles!

Enjoying the lazy river!

They were a little cold so they had a hard time enjoying the last night. It started out a little rocky but they had lots of fun in the end.

By the end Brad had Zoe swimming under the water.

We can't wait for next summer and enjoy some more swimming lessons!

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