Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Swing For My Girls.........

When Cale was a baby we were given this little airplane swing. It used to hang from our Apricot tree in the back yard in Lewiston. She loved to sit in it while we were outside. Zoe loved to twist up tight and unwind. While my dad was in town he hung the swing under the back porch. My girls are in LOVE!! Micah absolutely loves to be out there swinging and is all smiles as the girls push her. At 1st I told the girls that they were to big but the eventually found there way into the swing. Cale sitting and Zoe pushing. Then Cale sitting and Zoe holding on and swinging with her. Finally Cale was sitting and Zoe was standing behind her. For 3 hours they found entertainment in the swing!! We love it!! :)

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