Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rafting Of Course.........

1st let me say that I am heartbroken at the fact that I have no pictures of this!! We are without a little point & shoot camera as ours didn't survive the sand bath it took at priest lake. I don't feel quite right about taking my big camera on the river. The 1st trip we took I forgot to ask my mom to bring hers and the 2nd every one's battery was dead. I can still see all the cute adorable pictures of my girls on the river in my head and it is killing me. Trust me when I say it will never happen again!!

That aside.......We have headed to Montana a couple of weekends to enjoy some rafting. Brad, Zoe, my dad, and I left earlier and enjoyed the Alberton Gorge. It was Zoe's 1st time. She was a little nervous but loved it. At the end she was ready to go again and was quite sad to learn she would have to wait a couple of weeks before she could enjoy it again. My mom kept Cale & Micah for us and then met us at Tarkio to float the lower flat section with them. Cale and Zoe had fun hanging from the bars of the raft dragging in the river. Brad and I had fun pushing each other in until Micah had enough and needed her mommy. I love swimming in the river!!

The 2nd weekend was a much colder weekend. My oldest brothers kids joined us as well as my youngest brother. Strann couldn't get enough of rowing the boat. Morgan tried to surf "fang" in the kayak and took a swim loosing his hat like Zoe said he would. Zoe didn't enjoy it has much because she was cold but I could do it anytime!!

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Kristin said...

We're going to have to get together to do some rafting!! Looks like you guys are pros. What fun pics. You're girls are adorable (i know I tell you that every time I comment). :)