Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chef Zoe!!

Zoe is sure that she can cook. She constantly asks if she can make something in the kitchen. Then she creates her master piece and always has a name for it. Several things have been edible to eat and others well.............but she loves to do it. This was her "soup Itiliano" She sipped a little but wanted to save the rest. It consisted of water, cinnimon, powdered sugar, green onion, oregano, cilantro, I think that is all. I thought it would taste a lot worse than it did and yes I did try it. You always have to try it. The kitchen was a little messy as well but she had lots of fun!! I have tried to tell her I can teach her how to cook specific things but she really likes the idea of doing her own. Lately I have gotten her on to jiffy muffins and jello. Those she can do all by herself with no help. Sooner or later I am sure we will get tired of those two items because we have them almost daily but it makes her happy!! :)

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