Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Fun At Grandma's!

The girls and I went to Montana for a visit with family. My sister picked us up on her way and we spent lots of fun time with cousins. We went to the Baptism of Strann and the Aaronic Priesthood ordination of Tele. We had a fun time but it is always good to be home!! I don't think I got a whole lot of sleep while we were there.

Micah loved being outside. Her favorite place was the swing in Grandma's yard.

The girls spent lots of time picking sunflowers all over the hillside. They had several vases of huge bouquets of sunflowers that sat out on the porch. (they weren't allowed in the house. I can't believe how bad they stink!) Grandma purchased a slip-n-slide. She has a great little hill for it. This was the 1st run and Zoe just ate it in the face with all the water. She loved it!

She went down it many times and then asked....."why is the water so cold. Why can't it be warm?" She kept going down though.

Cale preferred to be pulled down by Grandpa and long breaks in-between.
She preferred to sit on the tires to warm up in the sunshine.
This is one of my favorite looks of Cale. When she gets cold she shrugs her shoulders up and says, "cold mom." It is so cute!

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