Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving in Bonners!!

We had a great trip to Bonner's for Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with Brad's sister Sarah and her family. It is so beautiful there how could you not enjoy!!

After seeing Wilson ride his bike without training wheels Zoe definitely wanted a try. She has been trying to get us to take the training wheels off for quite sometime. I have been avoiding it until spring!!

She definitely needs to work on the balance. She gets way to busy watching everything and doesn't think enough about what she is doing.

Not the best picture but Brad says there isn't enough of me on the blog. He insisted on taking a picture of me.

My girls adored all of Sarah's kids and haven't stopped talking about it since. Zoe can't wait to go back and Cale gets so excited every time she sees a picture a picture of them.

Thanks for such a great weekend!!

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