Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow, snow, snow, and yeah, more snow!!

I am in love with all of the snow that we have received. I have always loved snow and after living in Lewiston for several years where it doesn't snow I am so excited to be here where it does. I definitely didn't expect this though!! The girls and I were out shopping when it started and when we made it home I had to shovel the driveway before I could get the van in. I could barely drive down the street. Zoe was so excited to get her clothes on and play right away. Cale was napping in the car. When she finally woke up I asked her if she wanted to get out and she said, "no", right away. She was perfectly content to sit and watch me shovel the drive from her car seat. She is not to hot on the snow or cold.

Brad came home early from work and took over shoveling the rest of the night and even managed to fit the van in the garage!! (so I didn't have to shovel it off the next day.) The next morning this is what he walked out to in the morning to head to work. Lucky us, he got the day off!! We had such a great day playing in the snow!!

This how our house looks now that it has stopped snowing. Anymore snow and you won't be able to see the van.

Our back yard. It makes me just want to run across it. Although I am sure that I wouldn't make it that far!!

Brad stuffed the girls in the big snow pile by the driveway.

I sat Cale down so I could take the picture of the backyard and she didn't like it so much. She look so cute though I just wanted a picture of her. Shortly after this she started crying!!
Zoe and Brad spent the rest of their time making a snow cave.

The neighbor girl came over to join in.

Cale actually liked being inside. It was out of the snow and the wind. It was the only time she wasn't crying while we were outside.

They got it pretty deep and Zoe said, "we can bring out our sleeping bags and sleep in here tonight!!

Brad's attempt at a snow angel!!

I am really not kidding about Cale. She does better at times with the snow but ultimately this is how she feels. I know you should torture your kids but I had to have one picture!!

Zoe on the other hand would sled all night. Once she is in and realizes how cold she is then she is miserable!!

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Melanie said...

A snow cave. What a GREAT idea. Thanks.

Looks like you guys are having just as much fun as we are.

I bet you are glad you don't live all the way up the hill anymore. It is CRAZY trying to get down!