Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visiting Montana

The girls and I took a quick trip to Montana. I had a doctors appointment so we got to spend a couple of days at grandma and grandpa's. Zoe loves to hang out with grandpa and will stay outside forever. Uncle Morgan is there these days so of course we were lucky to get to ride horses. The girls were so excited. Zoe is doing so well around horses. She walks right up to them and likes to feed the pellets.

They got to help with the whole process. They had fun brushing the horse.

They started off riding together but Zoe had a hard time steering the horse around Cale.

They both loved getting to ride their own horse!

Zoe had some difficult at 1st because her snow boots kept falling off. After she took them off she got the hang of kicking. She struggled a little with getting the horse to go where she wanted him to but she kept trying.

We had a great trip and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!!

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