Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cale, Cale, Cale......

Life is always fun with Cale. She definitely keeps us on our toes!! So here are a few Cale stories.....

We sat down for dinner the other night and I had fixed Cales plate of food. It was sitting in front of me so I could finish cooling it off. Brad said it was time for dinner and she wanted her plate. He told her she could have it after prayer. She sat through the prayer fine and then proceeded to climb out of her chair and started walking away. Brad asked her where she was going and she turned around with this little sad face and said, "MAD" and continued to walk to her room. I shouldn't have laughed but it was so cute. She has done it several times since and it is still just as cute!!

The ladder for the girls bunk bed is right next to their window. Zoe & Cale have both used it stand in the window. Lately I find Cale sitting and looking out the window. A couple of times she has had a book with her. She is a cutie!!

On Saturday we were busy getting read for a house full of people. Zoe and Cale were watching a movie and had put little sticker earrings on. Cale kept pointing to her nose and saying "earring" and following me around. I finally stopped to see if I could figure out what she was talking about and as I inspected she had blood all around her nose. Yes folks she has stuck the plastic earring up her nose. Brad tried to get it out with tweezers but it was too far up and he didn't want to dig around too much. So Brad was the lucky one to head to the quick care with her and sit for a couple of hours before seeing a doctor only to find out that it was no longer still in her nose. I am sure we will have many more trips to the doctor with her!!

On the more frustrating side she has decided that she doesn't want her diaper changed and she doesn't want to wear underwear. So even if she has a poppy diaper she would rather sit in it. The minute you decide to take on the battle the scream starts. She stiffens her body and screams. Changing her clothes is just as much fun!!

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DaniBB said...

Oh the joys of a 2 year old; Good luck!